1. Added Line Item Due Date (166163)

Due Dates can now be set on the Line Item level instead of just on the Order level. Learn more about this feature how-to_use_the_line_item_due_date_feature.

  1. Fixed a pricing change issue that was occurring on some custom dashboards. (164927.001)
  2. The A/P reports are now filtering properly on the Date field. (164993.001)
  3. The A/P report's Use Historical Query option is now working correctly. (164993.002)
  4. Selecting Local Pick-Up as the Ship To address on a shipment will now show the correct address. (165084.001)
  5. When voiding an order with payments and not voiding the payments, the GL entries will now use the order number instead of the transfer account; this will allow for better tracking. (165149.001)
  6. Fixed an issue where taxes were not being calculated for Installation in an instance where Installation is taxable. (165247.001)
  7. Production Terminal no longer makes excessive requests to the SSLIP for the connection string. This was causing slow-downs and hang-ups for some users. (165284.001)
  8. The consumption of a part is no longer being calculated differently upon editing an order. (165337.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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