1. Orders for non-default Divisions are now reserving and consuming parts from the correct division instead of the default division. (165452.002)
  2. When Orders are marked Built, the Reserved quantity is now updating correctly. (165452.003)
  3. The InventoryLog and Inventory entries are now using the correct Division and Warehouse for Purchase Orders and Receiving Documents when a Warehouse other than the default is used. (165065.001)
  4. The InventoryLog entries for the following fields are no longer NULL when the transheader is set to a specific Division or Warehouse: ToDivisionID, ToWarehouseID, FromDivisionID, FromeWarehouseID. (165065.003)
  5. Removed restriction in Control that prevents online taxes from being calculated for addresses outside the US and Canada. (165284.002)
  6. When you have a taxability code with a formula and you change the status of the Order from the Explorer screen, the tax calculation now returns the proper tax calculation instead of $0.00. (165337.001)
  7. The pricing is now re-evaluating when overriding the estimated usage and actual price columns. (165337.005)
  8. Control is no longer preventing you from manually adding one part to an Order more than twice. (165388.001)
  9. Control now handles creating shipment numbers correctly when there are more than 26 shipments. (166138.001)
  10. Fixed an issue where Line Items with a quantity of 0 would sometimes give a division by zero error. (166713.002)
  11. In Production Terminal, users with a Standard security template no longer receive an error when changing stations. (167174.001)
  12. No longer generating “Could not load record” errors when using the Shipping tab. (167173.002)
  13. Cloning a Bill no longer posts reversing entries to the original Bill. (167073.001)
  14. When entering Additional Units for Parts, users can now enter values higher than 100. (166451.001)
  15. On Orders with multiple taxes in the same jurisdiction, Control is now pulling all tax amounts into the Order from Avalara. (164962.002)
  16. Taxes on child items are being rolled up into the parent when saving an Order if using Avalara, and also when shipping the Line Item. (165247.003, 168169.001)
  17. Taxes are now calculated correctly based on the address tax class when not using Avalara. (166456.001)
  18. Fixed an issue where the % complete dis not post to Avalara until the Order was marked Sale. (167012.001)
  19. Control is now forcing a re-calculation of Avalara taxes during Order edits where a Modifier is added to an Order which increases or decreases the price of the Line Item. (167131.001)
  20. Avalara is now posting Finance Charges consistently. (167137.001)
  21. Running the Sales Report for a 1-2 minute time period no longer causes Control to hang up. (167184.002)
  1. Added an option on the Commission report to have a page break for each salesperson. (166200.001)
  2. Changed the Due Date range filter in Production Terminal to pull from the Line Item Due Dates instead of the Order Due Dates. (166163.008)
  3. Added a Shipped Due Date parameter to the Pending Shipments report. This report also displays the Carrier name when it is not grouped by Carrier. (167979.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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