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 +====== ​ ======
 +===== Defect Fixes =====
 +  - Orders for non-default Divisions are now reserving and consuming parts from the correct division instead of the default division. (165452.002)
 +  - When Orders are marked Built, the Reserved quantity is now updating correctly. (165452.003)
 +  - The InventoryLog and Inventory entries are now using the correct Division and Warehouse for Purchase Orders and Receiving Documents when a Warehouse other than the default is used. (165065.001)
 +  - The InventoryLog entries for the following fields are no longer NULL when the transheader is set to a specific Division or Warehouse: ToDivisionID,​ ToWarehouseID,​ FromDivisionID,​ FromeWarehouseID. (165065.003)
 +  - Removed restriction in Control that prevents online taxes from being calculated for addresses outside the US and Canada. (165284.002)
 +  - When you have a taxability code with a formula and you change the status of the Order from the Explorer screen, the tax calculation now returns the proper tax calculation instead of $0.00. (165337.001)
 +  - The pricing is now re-evaluating when overriding the estimated usage and actual price columns. (165337.005)
 +  - Control is no longer preventing you from manually adding one part to an Order more than twice. (165388.001)
 +  - Control now handles creating shipment numbers correctly when there are more than 26 shipments. (166138.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where Line Items with a quantity of 0 would sometimes give a division by zero error. (166713.002)
 +  - In Production Terminal, users with a Standard security template no longer receive an error when changing stations. (167174.001)
 +  - No longer generating "Could not load record"​ errors when using the Shipping tab. (167173.002)
 +  - Cloning a Bill no longer posts reversing entries to the original Bill. (167073.001)
 +  - When entering Additional Units for Parts, users can now enter values higher than 100. (166451.001)
 +  - On Orders with multiple taxes in the same jurisdiction,​ Control is now pulling all tax amounts into the Order from Avalara. (164962.002)
 +  - Taxes on child items are being rolled up into the parent when saving an Order if using Avalara, and also when shipping the Line Item. (165247.003,​ 168169.001)
 +  - Taxes are now calculated correctly based on the address tax class when not using Avalara. (166456.001)
 +  - Fixed an issue where the % complete dis not post to Avalara until the Order was marked Sale. (167012.001)
 +  - Control is now forcing a re-calculation of Avalara taxes during Order edits where a Modifier is added to an Order which increases or decreases the price of the Line Item. (167131.001)
 +  - Avalara is now posting Finance Charges consistently. (167137.001)
 +  - Running the Sales Report for a 1-2 minute time period no longer causes Control to hang up. (167184.002)
 +===== Changes =====
 +  - Added an option on the Commission report to have a page break for each salesperson. (166200.001)
 +  - Changed the Due Date range filter in Production Terminal to pull from the Line Item Due Dates instead of the Order Due Dates. (166163.008)
 +  - Added a Shipped Due Date parameter to the Pending Shipments report. This report also displays the Carrier name when it is not grouped by Carrier. (167979.001)
 +===== Backwards Compatibility =====
 +These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.