1. One Time Use for Company and Contact (164770)

When shipping items using the Shipping tab, there is the option to use an Address only for that shipment. This concept was expanded on and now you can use a Company and Contact the same way without having to create a new company record.

Production Terminal

  1. Fixed an issue where some Orders would not display their Line Items when searched for in Production Terminal. (168020.007)
  2. Added a scroll bar to the Order notes popup box in Production Terminal. (165337.006)
  3. Fixed an issue where not all Filters in Production Terminal were being auto-saved. (164852.002)
  4. Fixed an issue in Production Terminal where SSLIP error messages were not displaying. (166432.001)
  5. Fixed an issue in Production Terminal where making a change to a Line Item that's not on the first page of results would send the user back to the first page after making the changes. (168413.006)
  6. Adding part usage in Production Terminal is now working correctly. (168913.001)

Avalara and other Tax Issues

  1. Estimates with Shipments are no longer posting those amounts as Taxable Sales to Avalara. (168668.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where converting an Estimate to an Order and entering Shipment information before saving caused the shipped amount to post to Avalara, and also did not store the Order number. (168668.002)
  3. Sales & Taxes are no longer posting to Avalara when the shipped date is filled in on Orders in WIP & Built. (168668.003)
  4. Fixed an issue where an error was received when changing the tax class on an Order. (168726.002)


  1. Part UDFs are now being loaded prior to the Pricing Form opening so the default price is calculated correctly. (165337.009)
  2. Users will now receive an error message when attempting to save a cloned part with an identical name to another part. (168545.002)
  3. Part UDFs are now being loaded prior to the pricing form opening so the default price is now being calculated correctly. (165337.009)
  4. Parts list information on the Parts tab of an Order no longer blanks out if you scroll to the bottom of the list and then click Edit. (165337.010)
  5. Fixed an issue with the unit labels on the unit conversion popup in the Units tab on a Part; they appeared to be reversed. (168413.010)


  1. Line Items linked to Shipments with un-overridden due dates are no longer losing their due date. (168169.004)
  2. Fixed an issue where using the Hot Folder Import caused the SSLIP to crash upon completion. (168639.001)
  3. The New Address function, both One Time Use and when adding an address to a company record, is now working correctly in PO's, RD's, and Bills. (168413.002)
  4. Attempting to post usage on an Order that is in Edit mode will now display a message to the user letting them know the Order is being edited. (168767.002)
  5. Viewing the Account Register with an account that has many entries and scrolling to the bottom will no longer give Access Violations. (154694.002)
  6. Added security rights for the Run Status Change Macro action. (168592.001)
  7. When using Journals for multidivisional entries, Control no longer allows you to save the journal if the different divions don't balance out on the record. (168731.001)
  8. Manually added parts are now carried over when you switch the line item from one product to a different similar product. (169101.001)
  9. Users can now use the “Customer is Tax Exempt” criteria in Company Advanced Explorer. (169801.001)
  10. Tabs on pricing forms are now appearing correctly without having to go into Edit mode. (169868.001)
  11. Cloning an Order that did not use online tax lookup is no longer causing the Order to zero out prices. (169994.001)
  12. When modifying the order due date from the order explorer via the right-click menu, any un-overridden line item due dates are now automatically recalculated based on the newly set order due date. (168340.002, 168413.001)
  13. Shipping Tab now correctly treats Estimates using Variations. (169949.001)
  14. Selecting a Part to post usage for in the Production-Batch dashboard is now pulling the correct Part. (168413.012)
  1. Added a user option to disable the ability to change the Division on Orders after the Order is created or when cloning Orders. This option can be found on the System Setup screen under Orders, Estimates, and Service Tickets. (167163.001)
  2. Added the ability to have the Division name on the transheader accessible through CFL. (168169.003)
  3. On the Shipping tab, moved the row of buttons for shipment actions to be in line with the Shipment header, and made the Ship From section collapsible to free up more room for the Ship To section. (168413.007)
  4. Added a More button next to the Shipping Notes field on the Shipping tab. (168413.008)
  5. Added Line Item Due Date search criteria to the Line Item Advanced Explorer within Control. (168814.001)
  6. If the Line Item Due Date is manually overridden to be after the Order Due Date or the Shipped Due Date, the user receives a warning before the Order is saved. (166607.001)
  7. Under the Help menu, Cyrious has added a button to automatically open the help.cyrious.com page; this can be found under Help>Contact Tech Support. (167129.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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