1. When choosing a part in the Create Part Usage Cards instrument in the Production - Batch dashboard, the part lookup no longer uses the description instead of the part name. (168413.012)
  2. Fixed an issue where typing a part name in the Inventory Transfer screen would select the first part with that letter. (168592.002)
  3. Vendors on a Part's Vendor tab are now keeping the priority order they are set to. (170827.001)
  4. Fixed an issue where Parts added to an Order from a PO had an Estimated Usage of 0. (170834.001)
  5. Fixed an issue where Parts added to an Order through a PO were not reserving inventory correctly, resulting in a negative inventory. (170834.002)
  6. Fixed an issue where a Part's default consumption unit would disappear from a Purchase Order. (170794.001)
  7. Flags that are set on a Part's Vendor tab are now showing when selecting a Product that uses that Part. (170823.001)
  8. Overriding a Part's Estimated Usage on an Order no longer reverts to 0 when leaving the cell. (170522.001)
  9. Fixed an issue where the usage on the Parts tab would not display correctly when using Display Units on a Part. (170223.001)
  10. Fixed an issue where the drop down in the P.O. grid to select the Order's part was not able to differentiate between multiple Order parts that are using the same part. (168413.011)
  1. The Account Register report is now matching the Current Balance for selected GL Accounts. (168592.006)
  2. The A/R Report is now displaying correct totals when selecting by Division. (168592.007)
  3. The A/P balance is now matching on the A/P Aging, Balance Sheet, and Financial Summary. (168592.008)
  4. “Copy to sender” in E-mail options no longer overrides anything in BCC that has been saved as a default on a report. (165334.002)
  5. Labor time on Service Tickets is now being included on the Labor By Order report. (169982.001)
  1. Fixed an issue in Production Terminal where users were not being clocked out. (168915.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where Production Terminal was not showing Orders. (170774.001)
  1. Billing Contact's billing address no longer has to match the Company billing address when making a credit card payment. (170183.002)
  2. Added security rights for the action Run Status Change Macro. (168592.001)
  3. Division Addresses are now working correctly on Purchase Orders, Bills, and Receiving Documents. (168592.004)
  4. Activities displayed on an Order are now being filtered by the LinkClassTypeID correctly. (168592.005)
  5. Products are now reverting back to their default station when you pull the line items in using the 'Copy All/New Line Items' button. (168413.002)
  6. The zip code is now being included in the Import Address feature in the Shipping Tab. (168413.013)
  7. Converting an Estimate with custom notes is now bringing those into the Order. (166678.001)
  8. The Show Due Date options for Orders in System Setup are working correctly. (166362.001)
  9. Users can now drag items in the To-Do area on Activity Manager into a date/time to be scheduled. (164130.002)
  10. Fixed an issue where converting a Receiving Document to a Bill would sometimes give a floating point error. (170611.003)
  11. Fixed an issue where an invalid floating point error was displayed when a line item had a quantity of zero and was included on a shipment. (170215.002)
  12. Voided WIP orders no longer make GL entries (inventory and expense) for materials not consumed. (170909.001)
  13. Auto-search option for Copy New Line Item function now works correctly. (164941.001)
  14. Fixed an issue where leaving the Credit Account Open option on a Company unchecked was not allowing new Orders to be created. (168413.004)
  15. Fixed an issue where there was an extreme delay when deleting a Company. (170258.001)
  16. Removed the Expected Time field from Purchase Orders. (170826.001)
  17. Fixed an issue where accessing the outstanding orders from the Company Financial tab and right clicking to Edit Order Notes would not save the notes. (150754.002)
  18. When paying Bills, checks will now print with the Payment Date that was entered instead of always using the current date. (153512.002)
  19. Bills are now checked during the deletion of GL expense accounts. (170321.001)
  20. No longer get an access violation when opening a Product that contains a variation grid in an Order. (170734.001)
  21. Fixed an issue where cloning an Order or converting an Estimate to an Order would not record the correct Order it was cloned from or Estimate it was converted from. (172022.001)
  22. Fixed an issue where if a company is tax exempt in one state and has an Order being shipped to multiple states, it made the entire Order tax exempt, instead of just the shipment going to the tax exempt state. (172090.002)
  1. Added the ability to sort by the SKU column in the Parts grid on Orders. (170148.001)
  2. Added a designated Billing address to each contact. (168413.008)
  3. Added filters for multiple salespeople in the Order and Company Explorers. (158079.002)
  4. Added an option in System Setup>Orders, Estimates, Service Tickets>Line Item Options to revert a Line Item Station to the default station when cloning. (168413.015)
  5. Added the ability to filter out any checks/deposits after a specified date. (168592.009)
  6. The Margin % is now calculated on each Variation in an Estimate, not just the Active Variation. (170306.001)
  7. Users can now use the mouse wheel to scroll in the Shipments section. (170773.001)
  1. Added a Shipment Explorer and Shipment Explorer Instrument. (171795)
  2. Warehouse Specific Parts - when this feature is implemented, users will be able to define warehouses for parts. (170375) Read more about this feature inventory_overview.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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