1. Fixed an issue where choosing a different Contact in an Email Activity would not update the email address. (114953.3)
  2. When emailing from Control to Outlook, text should no longer be double spacing/ (119891.2)
  3. Fixed some spacing and formatting issues that were occurring when sending emails out of Control. (137111.2)
  4. Fixed an issue where when emailing out of Control, the email signature would duplicate. (159080.1)
  5. Deleting a link in the generic importer no longer causes Control to crash. (170463.1)
  6. Purchase Order line items can no longer be edited once they've been converted to Bills/Receiving Documents. (170524.1)
  7. Finance Charges accounts are correctly applying to the order's division that an order was created for. (170864.1)
  8. Users can now select a different credit card billing address. (171894.1)
  9. Zoom in/out on the Report instrument is now working. (172279.3)
  10. The unit fields in the Display Units section are now holding the correct values. (172756.1)
  11. Fixed an issue where converting a Purchase Order then accidentally saving it as a Purchase Order reused the same PO number. Now you will not have the option to save as the same type you are converting from. This also occurred with Bills and Receiving Documents, and has been addressed for those as well. (172770.3)
  12. Fixed an issue where the tax was not being calculated when a shipment was created; the taxability of the line item was changing from taxable to non-taxable. (173607.1)
  13. Inventory History report no longer shows entries for summary cost adjustments from purchase orders. (173638.1)
  14. The Internal Work Order report now prints the correct shipping contact instead of the order contact. (173705.1)
  15. Voided payroll checks are no longer showing in the Account Reconciliation screen. (145955.2)
  16. Fixed an issue where when using the Shared User login, the first transaction saved was set to Shared User instead of the selected user, and subsequent saves would generate an error saying “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window”. (164595.1)
  17. The consumption of a part is no longer being calculated differently upon editing an Order. (165337.2)
  1. Added security rights to allow users to Assign multiple items while in Group Mode in Line Item Explorer. (153538.1)
  2. A Division filter has been added to the Shipment Explorer. (173710.1)
  1. Added Price Lock feature. This feature will allow users to lock an order from price changes associated with calculated changes in the base price. Read more about this feature pricing_locks. (141505.1)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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