1. Credit Memos that have been backdated are now showing in Avalara as the backdated date instead of the original date. (174277.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where payments were not being saved on Quick Bills. (174516.001)
  3. Fixed an issue where Advance Repayments were not working correctly when processing Payroll. (175461.001)
  4. Fixed an issue where an inactive bank account was displaying in the Print Checks screen. (175668.001)
  5. When cloning a journal entry, any GL departments that were entered will now be brought over. (175636.001)
  6. Credit memos are now debiting the correct division instead of the default division. (174278.001)
  1. The New Address popup is now working correctly when adding a new Billing Address. (173673.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where after converting an Estimate that contains shipments to an Order, the Shipment grid would not display the correct information. (173798.001)
  1. Control is no longer setting the tax to $0.00 when a negative finance charge is posted when using Avalara and the order is changed to a status of Sale. (172640.001)
  2. The overridden Unit subtotal is now prompting to keep the Unit price when the Qty changes. (172708.002)
  3. If the options to exclude Saturday and Sunday from scheduled dates are checked, and the user tries to schedule an activity that would fall on those days, a message appears to explain that the option is turned on, and no activity will be scheduled on those days. (173585.002)
  4. “Require Station at Sale” option no longer prevents you from saving a Service Ticket. (174330.001)
  5. Added a CFL Function called SonsVariableTotal that adds up only the variable on the Child Line Items of a Line Item. (170734.002)
  6. WebView now works with secure email accounts. (171872.001)
  7. WebView now brings in the tracking number from the Shipping Tab. (171872.002)
  8. Fixed a formatting issue in reports; HTMLreturn is now displaying properly. (175347.001)
  9. The Document Date in Avalara is now pulling the correct date on backdated transactions. (168413.014)
  10. Macros are now setting the correct information in UDF's. (174493.001)
  11. Fixed an issue where an email macro was not pulling in a UDF value. (172659.002)
  1. Part Stations are no longer being reset to None on the Part tab in Orders. (174332.001)
  2. The Part Description can now be edited on the Parts grid. (172569.002)
  3. Fixed an issue where users without proper security rights to add parts were able to do so in a new Purchase Order. (175739.001)
  1. Changed the way Purchase Orders work for users who do not have the full Accounting Module. When closing a PO, a part usage card will be created transferring the Qty Received over to Qty Billed for any parts on that PO. (175523.001)
  2. Added a message to the Part's Units tab letting users know they should change part information on the Adjust Part Info screen. (174346.001)
  3. On Purchase Orders, the Default for Order field will no longer be filled in automatically. This was causing some confusion for people who were also ordering items for general use. (172569.003)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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