1. The FedEx Shipment Manager integration with Control was reworked to link the correct fields in Control to FedEx Shipment Manager. (170150.001)
  2. After entering a one-time use company, contact, and address and saving the order, you can now go back and edit that information. (172569.001)
  3. Added a column to the Account Register to indicate which activities were off balance sheet. (174259.001)
  4. Part name is now being displayed in GL entries for a Bill. (174491.001)
  5. One time Use Address is now saving in the PO Shipping Address Field. (175422.001)
  6. No longer receive an error when selecting a different report to preview while in the print dialog box. (175651.002)
  7. Inactive bank accounts are no longer appearing in the Bank Account drop down in the Print Checks screen. (175668.001)
  8. GL Departments on Parts now auto fill on Purchase Orders. (175690.001)
  9. Fixed an issue where the Rounding/Adj. on the line item would show a price change message, even though the price was not changing. (175853.001)
  10. Additional activity reminder window is no longer displayed. (175909.001)
  11. Removed Salesperson filters in the A/R Explorer instrument. (175936.001)
  12. Fixed an issue where excluded line items cost was showing up on the Closed by Margin Commissions report. (176027.001)
  13. Accessing Company Explorer through the lookup instrument is using the saved settings. (176372.001)
  14. Full Contact Addresses can now be used as a ship to address on a shipment. (176507.001)
  1. Added the ability to allow batch import of multiple shipments via the order number in FedEx Shipment Manager. (170482.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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