1. Fixed an issue where a SQL macro was not updating every order selected. (138895.001)
  2. Added a field on Purchase Order and Bill Macro setup for “Status changed to/from”. (139453.001)
  3. Journal.JournalActivityType is now being saved when you send an email from a macro. (148451.001)
  4. Email macros are no longer automatically attaching the order's description to the email. (170680.002)
  5. Standard invoice now shows the correct address when a one time use address is used for Shipping. (170851.002)
  6. Voiding an Order in Built status that has had payments applied no longer posts amounts to A/R's. (174435.002)
  7. Using a merge field in a shipment's packing slip no longer causes Control to crash. (175747.001)
  8. Fixed an issue with Part descriptions on Part to Product links to no longer append multiple (1)'s behind the description. (176179.001)
  9. Fixed an issue where if Divisions/Warehouses are not being used, the Adjust Part Inventory and Cost screen would not show Parts. (176299.002)
  10. Fixed an issue in UDF Setup where selecting a category would not always show the correct UDF's. (176571.001)
  11. Fixed an issue in UDF Setup with moving UDF's; sometimes after clicking Move Up/Move Down, the list would blank out. (176571.002)
  12. Costs are now saving in the TransDetail table. (176682.001)
  13. Fixed an issue where Voiding a Payroll gave an access violation and caused Control to lock up. (176768.002)
  14. Users can now filter by the Salesperson1 field in A/R Explorer. (175936.002)
  15. Control is no longer dropping items in a selection list. (175372.001)
  16. The option on the Account Register report to Show Off Balance Sheet Entries is now working correctly. (176264.001)
  17. When clicking the Cancel button on a line item after selecting a Material Type, the Material Type selection list option is no longer blank. (176390.001)
  18. Fixed an issue where clicking to expand a Line Item caused the Lock menu to display instead. (176710.001)
  19. The field for UDF Category names was lengthened to 1024 characters from 40. (176852.001)
  20. The On Order Edit trigger on Macros is no longer fired when posting usage to an Order. (176858.001)
  21. Fixed an issue where posting payments using the payments tab while editing an order could cause the payment to not be shown onscreen. If another payment was posted before the order was closed and reopened, it could result in a doubling of the payment. (178268.001)
  22. Corrected the filter descriptions on the Bill Explorer to say Current Bills and Historical Bills. (153003.001)
  23. Fixed an issue where multiple Master Time Cards for an employee could be entered for overlapping times and different stations. (156596.001)
  24. Made some changes to allow taxes to be calculated on the Order's Tax Class setting if different from the Company's Tax Class. (177725.002)
  25. Fixed an issue where Modifiers were causing GL out of balance errors. (178232.001)
  26. Manual updates to Inventory will now show correctly on the Inventory History report. (178568.001)
  27. Monthly recurring activities are now saving options when edited. (154554.002)
  1. When renaming a Part name, an activity is now saved. (175394.001)
  2. An Order's Part description is now pulled over from the PO line item's descriptinon when the PO line item is linked to an Order's Part. (176231.001)
  3. The Recurrence Type field on a Macro can now be edited. (176801.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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