1. Fixed an issue where some users experienced a 1-2 second delay after receiving an error message. (148544.001)
  2. The AP Historical Aging Report has been corrected to reflect “closed bills”. (176499.001)
  3. Users are no longer allowed to delete a GL account without reassigning it to any other account if the account has only been associated with manual journal entries. (177845.001)
  4. Fixed some minor typos in a few screens. (178956.001)
  5. Fixed an issue with the Open PO Detail report where the Created Date column was mislabeled, and added a Line Item Received Date. (179670.001)
  6. Fixed an issue in the A/R Report (Detail and Summary) where the Current and 0-30 columns did not always display the correct information. (178235.002)
  7. Fixed an issue where WIP/Built amounts were showing on the A/R report when not selected. (178235.004)
  8. Converting an Estimate that contains Shipping Info to an Order is no longer dropping the address and insured value. (178595.002)
  9. Fixed an issue where posting Part Usage in Production Terminal did not update the usage immediately. (179749.001)
  10. Removed potentially sensitive employee information from the XML export in Orders and Estimates. (178718.001)
  11. Reworked the Ship From section on the Shipping Tab for clarity, and to add the ability to select a different division when shipping from the Store. (178351.001)
  12. Fixed an issue with the ability to select a GL Expense Department on a Part that uses Category Defaults. If a part uses Category Defaults, the GL Expense Department is included in that and you must uncheck Use Category Defaults to select a different department. (179782.001)
  13. Fixed an issue where the SSLIP would not start automatically when User Account Controls were enabled. (176837.001)
  1. Added Order Status filters to the Shipment Explorer. (174638.001)
  2. Added Service Tickets to the Transaction Types in the Shipment Explorer. (174638.002)
  3. Made a change to the Inventory report to filter out parts where all quantities are zero. (179678.001)
  4. Changed the Application Name of the Crystal Reports SQL Process to include the report name. (179884.001)
  5. Added the ability to export the SQL Processes for Troubleshooting (Ctrl-Shift-Q). This utility can be found under the Tools > Utilities menu. (179884.002)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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