1. Can now select all stations using the station tree popup. (150611.006)
  2. One time use customers shipping info is now being pulled into UPS Worldship. (170851.001)
  3. The Insured Value now pulls in the Declared Value field in UPS Worldship. (170815.003)
  4. In reports, the default email text is no longer adding extra blank lines. (176615.001)
  5. Fixed a problem in the Closeout Listing Detail report that occurred if you closed the day at the exact moment a payment was made. (178391.001)
  6. Reports that show values in display units are no longer displaying '0.00'. (178928.001)
  7. No longer allowing the Shared User employee to be selected when posting part usage cards. (179668.001)
  8. In Purchase Orders, catalog items can now be selected when using warehouse specific parts. (179782.003)
  9. Control is now preventing new orders from being created if the order would put the customer over their credit limit; this was occurring if the first order for a new customer would put them over the credit limit set for them. (179782.005)
  10. No longer receive an error in Production Terminal when a selected line item is removed on refresh. (179782.008)
  11. The Auto Import feature no longer causes the SSLIP to crash. (180225.001)
  12. Payments are now bundled in the Order transaction so that if there is a failure in the payment or order the other isn't saved. (180312.001)
  13. Importing addresses for 100+ shipments no longer causes Control to crash. (180676.001)
  14. A GL Department can now be selected on a Part Category. (179782.002)
  15. In Production Terminal, the Layout Detail info is no longer bleeding over the panel's area. (179782.022)
  16. Line Item Notes in Production Terminal are no longer showing line break code. (179782.007)
  17. Fixed an issue where custom Dashboards would not display information when set to float. (180592.001)
  18. When using the import company feature, looking up records by company name will correctly update the existing records. (180645.001)
  19. The A/P Aging Detail report now correctly filters by division. (180794.001)
  20. Control now saves variable property bags so they can be referenced. (180491.001)
  21. Inventory adjustments for replenished parts are now posting correctly. (180896.004)
  22. GL entries are now correctly created on replenished parts. (180896.005)
  23. Small fonts are no longer appearing in Control for product layout information after upgrading to IE9. On existing orders and estimates, performing an edit and save will display a larger font, and on all newly created items the larger font should be displayed. (166453.001)
  1. Added some filters to the Pending Shipment report. You can now filter by Company, Salesperson, and Entered By. (170668.001)
  2. Part usage for replenished parts can no longer be posted in Production Terminal. (180896.003)
  3. When marked Sale, replenished parts are locked, and no inventory adjustments are allowed after that point. (180896.002)
  4. The GL Adjustment account has been removed from the Replenished Part. (180896.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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