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 +====== ​ ======
 +===== Defect Fixes =====
 +  - Can now select all stations using the station tree popup. (150611.006)
 +  - One time use customers shipping info is now being pulled into UPS Worldship. (170851.001)
 +  - The Insured Value now pulls in the Declared Value field in UPS Worldship. (170815.003)
 +  - In reports, the default email text is no longer adding extra blank lines. (176615.001)
 +  - Fixed a problem in the Closeout Listing Detail report that occurred if you closed the day at the exact moment a payment was made. (178391.001)
 +  - Reports that show values in display units are no longer displaying '​0.00'​. (178928.001)
 +  - No longer allowing the Shared User employee to be selected when posting part usage cards. (179668.001)
 +  - In Purchase Orders, catalog items can now be selected when using warehouse specific parts. (179782.003)
 +  - Control is now preventing new orders from being created if the order would put the customer over their credit limit; this was occurring if the first order for a new customer would put them over the credit limit set for them. (179782.005)
 +  - No longer receive an error in Production Terminal when a selected line item is removed on refresh. (179782.008)
 +  - The Auto Import feature no longer causes the SSLIP to crash. (180225.001)
 +  - Payments are now bundled in the Order transaction so that if there is a failure in the payment or order the other isn't saved. (180312.001)
 +  - Importing addresses for 100+ shipments no longer causes Control to crash. (180676.001)
 +  - A GL Department can now be selected on a Part Category. (179782.002)
 +  - In Production Terminal, the Layout Detail info is no longer bleeding over the panel'​s area. (179782.022)
 +  - Line Item Notes in Production Terminal are no longer showing line break code. (179782.007)
 +  - Fixed an issue where custom Dashboards would not display information when set to float. (180592.001)
 +  - When using the import company feature, looking up records by company name will correctly update the existing records. (180645.001)
 +  - The A/P Aging Detail report now correctly filters by division. (180794.001)
 +  - Control now saves variable property bags so they can be referenced. (180491.001)
 +  - Inventory adjustments for replenished parts are now posting correctly. (180896.004)
 +  - GL entries are now correctly created on replenished parts. (180896.005)
 +  - Small fonts are no longer appearing in Control for product layout information after upgrading to IE9. On existing orders and estimates, performing an edit and save will display a larger font, and on all newly created items the larger font should be displayed. (166453.001)
 +===== Changes =====
 +  - Added some filters to the Pending Shipment report. You can now filter by Company, Salesperson,​ and Entered By. (170668.001)
 +  - Part usage for replenished parts can no longer be posted in Production Terminal. (180896.003)
 +  - When marked Sale, replenished parts are locked, and no inventory adjustments are allowed after that point. (180896.002)
 +  - The GL Adjustment account has been removed from the Replenished Part. (180896.001)
 +===== Backwards Compatibility =====
 +These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.