Sprint 6 and Sprint 7 items included in this release

  1. GL Period Lock (180738)

Cyrious has added the ability to lock closeout periods in Control. Read more about this feature gl_period_locking.

Security Rights

  1. Added security rights to allow users to open a PO line item from the PO Item Explorer. (181320.001)
  2. The security rights to change Status to Built and to edit an Order are no longer linked. (181196.001)
  3. Added a security right to allow the ability to change multiple stations at once. (179782.010)
  4. Added security rights that prevent people from changing (adding/editing activities) someone else's calendar. The new security rights are named “Create Others Activities” and “Edit Others Activities”. (181205.001) Note: “Delete Others Activities” is still a valid security right, so something to keep in mind is if you don't want someone to edit or create activities for others, then you probably don't want them to be able to delete activities for others either.

Orders and Estimates

  1. Fixed an issue with variables losing their value after converting an Estimate to an Order. (182684.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where UDF's were not resetting their value when cloning Estimates or Orders. (182341.001)
  3. When cloning an order with shipments, the shipments now ship to the new company. (180829.001)
  4. Voiding an Estimate no longer causes a price recalculation. (178443.001)
  5. Orders no longer save with incorrect values if the product is edited while editing the order. (182684.002)


  1. Fixed an issue where when the user saves a report they get the error: “A statement is expected here.” (180879.001)
  2. Fixed an issue with the Divisions filter on the A/R Summary report. (180123.003)
  3. Modified the Commission report to fix an issue where Order costs were not included in the report if the costs were posted in a period outside the specified time period for the report. (137325.002)
  4. Fixed an issue where users would get an error when printing reports without previewing them. (184704.001)
  5. Invoice and Work order reports now correctly display one-time use company and contact shipping information. (184941.001)
  6. Fixed an issue with the Trial Balance report where income amounts were reversed. (185884.001)

Bills and Purchase Oorders

  1. Journal and GL Entries are now posted to an Order if a Bill is linked to an Order and the Default for Order is different than what is on the Line Item. (182676.001)
  2. Fixed an issue with extra GL entries being created when converting a PO to a bill. (180503.002)
  3. On Purchase Orders, the Expected Date now defaults to None instead of the current date. (179782.009)


  1. Fixed an issue with using Auto Import to import large files. (182338.001)
  2. Fixed an issue with Control locking up when posting a payment. (180821.001)
  3. Fixed an issue where pasting unicode and/or other special characters into the pricing form would give an error stating that an invalid character was found. (179819.001)
  4. Users should no longer get an error when changing the Days in Payable option in the A/P Explorer instrument. (179782.013)
  5. Fixed an issue where the A/P Vendor Summary dashboard instrument would show Bills that are due today in both the Current and 0-30 columns. (179782.014)
  6. When backdating, in the case of selecting a date that is before the earliest allowed date, a message will be shown stating the earliest allowed date and that date will be prefilled on the Backdate popup. (179782.024)
  7. Resolved an issue when updaing multiple UDFs via CFL that only the first was updated. (182521.001)
  8. Fixed an issue with a macro that creates labor usage cards that was not running properly. (179782.012)
  9. Child products with code in the Advanced tab on Pricing now work correctly. (137718.001)
  10. Multiple company edits now saves the journal information for the last company edit. (183657.001)
  11. Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit Orders and Service Tickets in a Sale status. (184857.001)
  12. The address field query now works correctly on the Company explorer. (185434.001)
  13. When making a Company a subsidiary, it now picks up the parent's billing info and keeps the original shipping address. (185710.001)
  1. Added the ability to put images on UDF Custom Layout forms and templates. (181087.001)
  2. Added an informational message to the Set Next Order screen in System Setup. (180673.001)
  3. The “Production - Batch” dashboard has been renamed to “Post Part Usage Cards”. (180237.007)
  4. Selection list items can now be up to 255 characters long. (182666.001)
  5. Added a Company parameter to the Commission report. (182144.001)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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