Advanced Explorer

  • Fixed SQL syntax error you receive when attempting to add Stage Criteria to Company advanced explorer query.
  • Increased the length of the Description field for the line items on the Invoice report.
  • Added ability to add company stage criteria to advanced explorer queries.
  • Added QuickBooks GL Detail Export report. - New report that allows for the export of every payment on a single line into QuickBooks.
  • Added AR Analysis Report - New report that gives a breakdown of time to pay and other detailed AR information per customer. Helps with analyzing payment patterns of clients.
  • Added Catalog Listing Report - New report that provides a listing of all catalog items by vendor.
  • Added Equipment Labor in WIP Report - New report that displays the total estimated hours for all labor and equipment parts, sort of like a capacity report.
  • Added Received Only Inventory Report - Report that provides a list of all inventory items that have been received only.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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