1. Integrated Credit Card Processing with the following merchant services (Merchant Warehouse, USA ePay, PC Charge). For more information on our preferred vendor for the last 5 years, please visit capital_q.
  1. The OrderStatusMaster report correctly sorts by Order Station Name and Line Item Station Name. (164534.002)
  2. The Deposit Listing report has a Show Details options that shows each payment included. (184501.001)
  3. Open Deposit on Order report shows a flag for orders that are set to Use Progress Billing. (187662.002)
  4. A/R reports are now totalling correctly. (184895.002)
  5. The Customer Credit Balance report now displays customers with a $0 credit balance. (166381.002)
  6. The EDA report no longer contains individually voided paychecks. (189450.001)
  7. The Quarterly Tax reports use the specified end date for YTD calculations instead of the printed date. (189384.001)
  8. Fixed an issue with Email Text not saving for on-drive auto-add reports. (175624.1)
  9. Invoices using progress billing now appear on the Customer Statement report. (154464.002)
  10. Voiding individual payroll checks is not showing on reports (176638.1)
  11. SQL Report macros are now being triggered properly when scheduled to run on the server. (184962.1)
  12. Trial Balance Issue. Imp fixed the report, just needs new config/install done. (189714)
  13. Potential sensitive employee information was restriced from the XML export in Orders. (178718)
  1. Fixed an issue where shipping info would display as N/A in the shipment. (183071.001)
  2. Fixed an issue where the selected value in the Service field on the Shipping Tab was changing when the order is saved. (183421.002)
  3. Fixed an issue where references to the Ship To company are not being removed when deleting a shipment from a company. (187204.003)
  1. Fixed an issue where message prompts received when backdating a bill when using GL Locks were causing some confusion. (183546.001)
  2. You're no longer able to backdate bill payments to before the GL Lock time. (183546.002)
  3. Editing bills closed before locked period will no longer post entries before the lock date. (187744.001)
  4. The post date and GL date for part usage cards are now the same date. (187729.002)
  5. Fixed an issue where when reconciling a bank account, Save as Postponed would not always save multiple bill payments that had been checked. (187192.001, 183688.001)
  6. Fixed an issue with the Payroll processing not bringing part usage cards time into the payroll screen. (189130.001)
  7. No longer get the error message “Ancestor for 'rgAccountType' not found” when selecting an Account Group. (188983.001)
  8. Corrected instance where post date of part usage card and posting date of general ledgers were not the same date when the user back dated or future dated the usage card. (187729.001)
  9. Inactive GL accounts can no longer be selected while entering new journal entries. (189383.001)
  10. Corrected an issue where a new bill had the same number as a pre-existing bill. (141675.1)
  11. Corrected an issue where the VendorCreditBalance field in Account table was not moving values correctly whenever changing the Vendor on a Vendor Credit Memo. (152884.2)
  12. Fixed an issue wherein Vendor credit reassignment not completing all steps to reflect reassignment. (164916.2)
  13. Corrected an issue where cloned orders are not auto-paying from credit, but credit is removed.(158976.2)
  14. Fixed an issue when customer creates an order but tells Avalara to calculate taxes later, the balanceDue revrts to 'NULL' instead of zero when the order is voided. (172515.2)
  15. Corrected an issue where Taxes were not being charged when exemption expired for a company (Control) (154885.1)
  16. Corrected an issue with Credits in wages expense account created from part usage cards, even though wages payable is off balance sheet. (176128.1)
  17. Banking>View Account Register no-longer gives access violation (182672.1)
  18. Posting labor usage to a job from a part that isn't tracking costs but tied to an employee's cost, will now create appropriate GL entries. (187672.1)
  19. The save as postponed button is now saving data when moving from one bank account to another (192145)
  1. Inclusion Formulas for parts attached to modifiers are now being properly evaluated. (180218.001)
  2. Cloning an order with inactive products no longer causes the line item to disappear. (184969.001)
  3. Fixed an issue where if you convert an Estimate to an Order and don't lock the pricing, the subtotal would recalculate. (187693.001)
  4. The Estimated Usage of a part linked to a modifier will no longer be 0 when the line item's price is locked. (186914.001)
  5. Fixed an issue with second dependent lists on Products not showing list items. (187462.001)
  6. Product images no longer being blanked in certain circumstances. (188030.001)
  7. Fixed an issue with lines items on new estimates/orders not showing up on parts until item is saved, screen closed, item reopened (175727.1)
  8. Fixed an issue with modifiers pulled into parts list on edit when not being used (175714.1)
  9. The overridden early payment discount amount should be used when paying bills. (154892.1)
  10. Add-ons are now calculating correctly. (176301.2)
  11. When using multiple parts on a selection list, the reference index seems to change if you do a new item, or clone it.(178507.1)
  12. Users should be able to post part usage in Display units as well as Inventory units (178928.2)
  13. The “blank” line on selection lists no longer loses its changes when any are made. (180179.1)
  14. Price change notifications when editing orders, although prices do not change has been fixed. (194077)
  15. Alternate Conversion units not allowing rounding past hundredths decimal, however parts allow that rounding. (194673)
  16. CFL references now working properly. (194925)
  1. Corrected a typo on the Backup Options setup screen. (114377.001)
  2. The arrows that allow you to cycle through line items are now functional in Edit mode. (179782.006)
  3. Fixed an issue where a macro was not emailing because the SSLIP was looking for the report in the wrong location. (175975.001)
  4. Fixed a refresh issue that caused stations to not update on users dashboards. (182927.001)
  5. Editing the activity on a previously processed credit card refund no longer intiates the processing of another refund in error. (183242.001)
  6. Updating UDF's on save of a service ticket now update immediately. (186762.001)
  7. Fixed an issue with the option Make Sub-Explorer of in the Company Explorer instrument. (125555.001)
  8. Fixed an issue where resizing the Company Explorer Instrument smaller would display double-scroll bars. (188144.003)
  9. Fixed an issue where deleting a Company and reassigning any open Orders would bring the totals to zero. (186877.001)
  10. UDF Designer Forms now support multi-select. (180945.001)
  11. Fixed an issue where editing a PO to add line items would close it. (140640.001)
  12. Fixed an issue where Production Terminal showed the Ship To Company as the Company it displays for Line Items on an Order. (187204.002)
  13. The Warehouse column on Receiving Documents don't show even when the option is checked in Column Chooser. (140640.4)
  14. Resolved an issue where Actual amounts in the Sales Goal screen is not displaying correct information. (175824.1)
  15. Negative QuantityOnOrder causes incorrect ReceivedOnly amounts. (152333.1)
  16. When upgrading from 4.3 to 4.6 the Computed Inventory is now being transfered to Unclassified Inventory. (177832.1)
  17. Fixed an issue where a customer's YTD payroll hours are erroneously TOTALING instead of accruing for the pay period from 12/9/11 to 12/16/11. (172789.2)
  18. Fixed an issue while in the print dialog box for the report, if the message text is edited, a 2nd signature is inexplicably inserted. (180989.1)
  19. Resolved several issues with Payroll Adjustments. (180711)
  20. Error no longer received when deleting a contact from a company (184532.2)
  21. Proof Dates on estimates are no longer changed when converted to an order. (185274.1)
  22. Instances on Schedule tab in Orders is no longer being set to none when the Order is edited. (189816.1)
  23. Payroll not filtering out voided checks when determining if a maximum benefit has been reached. (194335.1)
  24. Due time & Proof time now present in PT. (195696)
  25. Right-click and changing line item on PO to received now records actual received amount. (196565)
  26. Display Units and Additional Units not calculating correctly. (196865)
  27. When setting the “Select Display Filters” in the Explorer Property Editor, the settings are now being saved. (191302)
  28. Problem fixed with PO dropdown (184703)
  1. Added the ability to see a Line Item's Proof Approval date on the Line Item Explorer. (179782.016)
  2. Added the ability in Advanced Explorer to filter on a Purchase Order's pre-tax price, tax price, and grand total. (179782.019)
  3. Reworked the posting of part usage cards to minimize the amount of GL recalculation. (186999.001)
  4. Added option to remove items with zero inventory from the Inventory Listing report. (189234.001)
  5. Checked Columns in Column Chooser automatically move to the top between successive opens. (188144.010)
  6. Added ability to wrap column headers in Line Item Explorer. (188144.008)
  7. Changed the default focus on the Line Item Advanced Tab from the Sale Account field to the Current Station field. (188144.007)
  8. Removed unused area at the top of the UDF Layout instrument. (188144.006)
  9. Increased the size of the “Make Subexplorer Of” drop-down in Explorer Instruments. (188144.013)
  10. Added the ability to use the Priority variable on Order and Estimate Line Items. (187660.001)
  11. Added the ability to search for prices in Receiving Document advanced explorer. (179782.025)
  12. Added the ability to rename all dashboard instruments. (188144.005)
  13. Users can add countries to exclude from address validation. (184507.1)
  14. The View Financial security right was split into separate Company and Contact rights. (177640.001)
  15. Updated Division View to finish standard report changes. (191886)
  16. Several items related to divisions and shipping tab. Some are refinements in functionality to smooth out the feature. (196785, 196048)
  17. Added a security right for the View Back Date Options. (185578)
  1. UDF Enhancements (177996)
  2. Explorer Changes:
    1. Explorer draws records only after they are all loaded resulting in them now being significantly faster, up to 30%
    2. Advanced grouping has been added to Explorers
    3. Previously non-sortable columns can now be sorted after all records are loaded
  3. Production Enhancements:
    1. The order now has a Production tab. Having a centralized place to change status, station, and other production fields for orders makes using those features that much easier.
    2. You will also find a Production item on the main menu. The production related setup was moved there, along with Parts and Inventory components.
    3. For companies with multiple locations, an order can now have a different sales division and production division. This allows the income to be classified in one place (the sales division) but specify that the work will be completed at another location. This is great news if you find yourself trying to track orders between your locations manually or with duplicate orders.
  4. Inventory Improvements:
    1. There are lots of improvements to the handling of inventory in Control 5.1, both on screen and internally. It is now much easier to batch update inventory, set up multiple warehouses, and more.
  5. Stockroom Manager:
    1. The stockroom manager provides a centralized portal to manage your inventory levels from. From this screen, you can filter and show items below your defined stocking levels, what orders are using a particular part, search by SKU, and much more.
    2. Creating a Purchase Order to reorder materials is just a few clicks away. You can even pull up two warehouses side by side and transfer materials between them with just a few clicks. The Stockroom Manager screen provides the tools to take your inventory to the next level of accuracy.
  6. Warehouse Types:
    1. Many of our customers have asked for a way to track inventory that mirrors their lean manufacturing processes. Control 5.1 introduces a new module, advance inventory, which provides Production Floor Inventory Tracking. Production Floor Inventory separates the inventory on the floor from that in the stockroom. New warehouse types, Stockroom and Production Floor, provide the tools to minimize production floor inventory and easily track all materials in and out of the stockroom. It’s more advanced, but much easier thanks to the features built into the Stockroom Manager screen.
  7. Online Authorization:
    1. Control 5.1 is now authenticated over the Internet. You will receive a License Key number from Cyrious that identifies your system when it authenticates. Going forward, if you need an additional license we can activate that and have it in place with just a few easy clicks.
  8. Groundwork:
    1. Control 5.1 lays the groundwork for a lot of new development. Most prominent among the new development areas is the Web API for Control, which will be released in the coming months. The Web API provides a two-way interface with external systems such as web sites and mobile applications. More on this as the testing continues.

Read more about the transaction UDF enhancements how_to_set_up_and_use_udfs. Scroll down to New in Control 5.1 to see what's been changed.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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