1. All Customer Facing Reports - Rework all system reports to utilize Division View to pull address, phone number, and other information directly from the division within the employee groups.
  2. All Reports - Rework all parameters to remove existing default parameter values and insert new ones to speed up reports generation.
  3. Packing Slip - Removed the blank page at the beginning of the report.
  4. AR Aging Graph - Expanded heading at top.
  5. Check Detail Listing - Corrected Check Reconciliation option.
  6. Equipment Labor in WIP - New report that displays the total estimated hours for all labor and equipment parts, sort of like a capacity report.
  7. Line Item Work Order - Added the product layouts information.
  8. AR Analysis - New report that gives a breakdown of time to pay and other detailed AR information per customer. Helps with analyzing payment patterns of clients.
  9. Catalog Listing - New report that provides a listing of all catalog items by vendor.
  10. Trial Balance - New report to replace old Trial Balance report. New report is more condensed and provides additional detail not present in past version.
  11. Order Listing - Adjusted formatting of report to clean it up, added some additional grouping and sorting options.


  1. The quantity of a shipment is not adjusted to match the quantity specified on a line item. (4003)


  1. Error: Index out of bounds when disabling Grouping on Explorers. (3748)
  2. UDF Column chooser is displayed even when the explorer does not support UDFs. (3931)
  3. The Order Number filter is reset to the number you specify when using the Go To field within an order's action toolbar. (3234)

Banking, Bills, GL

  1. Save as Postponed in Bank Reconciliation screen is not saving all checked/un-checked items. (3206)
  2. Scheduled Payments checklist items are not staying de-selected. (3466)
  3. Error when changing PO status from REQUESTED to RECEIVED. (3812)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Cloned part reverting to old price on save. (3516)
  2. Perform creation of warehouse linking to all parts on program load to avoid instances where adding a line item that contains inactive parts which do not have an associated warehouse returns a popup notification. (3772)
  3. Adding time usage to an order without a selected part resulted in a primary key error instead of a Other Labor part posting. (3751)
  4. Posting Part Usage results in multiple Order Edits (4035)
  5. Create Part Usage Card Instrument does not include Child Line Items in Line Item Dropdown. (4036)


  1. Scheduled activities not executing macros: “Execution cancelled by unknown user” (3999)
  2. Modified method in which the emailing of a large batch of reports through a macro is handled to prevent send failures. (3803)
  3. Scheduled Macro were not running consistently when set to run on the server in the background. (3756)


  1. User prompted to save changes when clicking Save and Close within the Email Editor. (3536)
  2. The line item option 'Revert to Default Station' does not stay checked after saving it. (4001)

Production Terminal

  1. Posting part usage screen has been redesigned, you can now sort by Part Name, SKU, Part Type, and Description. The screen has been condensed into a table/grid format to allow easier navigation and more effective use of available space.
  2. You are now allowed to enter part usage for multiple parts at the same time and save the usage with one click.

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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