1. Company Stage - Unable to save any edits made to Company Stages in System Setup (4367)

Access Violations

  1. A/V filling columns for job costing (3799)
  2. A/V when filling columns on a particular order using a specific database provided (3801) (3799)
  3. A/V when editing Shipment Explorer Instrument (4405)

Selection Lists

  1. Freeze / Crash of Control when adding a property to a selection list (4407)

Purchase Orders

  1. Crash of Control when using merge fields in purchase order notes field (4408)


  1. Advanced users do not have rights to add a new industry or origin. (4276)

Banking, Bills, GL

  1. Problem Applying Vendor Credit & Payment on Bill Simultaneously (4043)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Posting Part Usage results in multiple Order Edits (4035)
  2. Voided Part Usage cards do not remove Actual Usage from TransPart (4124)
  3. List Modifiers lose their values. Additionally, Boolean based modifiers were also dropping their values (4247)


  1. Lockup of Control when using Update Order Progress instrument (4409)
  2. Unable to enter Estimate # into Part Usage Card Instrument (4411)


  1. Requires CHAPI setup file being run twice to register service (4351)


  1. Insured Values on shipments are calculating incorrectly when quantities are greater than 1 (4412)
  2. Standard Packing Slip for Shipment is Giving an Error (3774)


  1. Product Layout information for Line Item 1 repeats on every line item (4270)
  2. Unable to change password within WebView (4272)
  3. Store Image from Database is not present on Login Page (4248)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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