1. Message field - Lines are using paragraph spacing (4869)
  2. Email - Default font size is too small at 8 pt (4870)
  3. ShipmentItem merge fields not being populated when used in email macro (4987)
  4. Email Error External Exception C0000006 (3782)

Access Violations

  1. A/V error when attaching a child line item (4871)
  2. A/V when deleting a line item that has a shipment active on the shipping tab (4958)
  3. Line Item Explorer - A/V when unchecking a row (5079)
  4. A/V entering a bill with an order associated with it (3776)
  5. SQL and Advanced Query macros causing A/V in Control (5145)
  6. A/V when attempting to send an email macro from order explorer. (5214)
  7. Purchase Orders - A/V when associating PO with certain Orders (5322)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Price change notifications are not happening (4834)
  2. CFL Reference for TransHeader.ShippingActualCost not resetting refresh on order change. (4793)
  3. Additional Finishing Hours modifier generates Foreign Key constraint (4808)
  4. Records being edited message shown incorrectly (4924)
  5. Adjust Product Information Setup - Default button in column chooser needs different values (4851)
  6. Production Division on Production tab defaults to main default division (4963)
  7. Cannot edit Caption field properly in Part UDF Layout (4982)
  8. Values in Lookup Tables are displayed as currency instead of just integers (5059)
  9. Lookup Tables not working properly in 5.1 (5225)
  10. Error calculating usage of Part. Logic Error: End of File Expected (5025)
  11. Screenprint Product cut complexity is not returning to normal values (5113)


  1. Email macros not sending out properly (5033)
  2. Macros Disabled not affecting items scheduled via the Activity Manager (4985)
  3. Macro Setup - Delete Action Confirmation Not Pulling Proper Action Name (4669)
  4. Past employee showing up in activities after running macro (3754)
  5. Indirect Change event macros are not executing when “Run on the server in the background” is checked (5128)
  6. Certain Change Events lead to Macros not executing when using Dual SSLIPs (5174)
  7. Line Item Macros - Unable to create a “Service Ticket Status Changed To:” macro (5301)


  1. Error when using the Line Item Assigned To Name is blank filter in advanced queries. (4758)
  2. Explorers not displaying correct symbol for foreign currency (4902)
  3. Companies - Sub-explorer of type “View Transaction” will show results from all companies (5021)
  4. Need Division and Production Division in Order Explorer (4667)
  5. Sorting is not supported for Station column when all items are not loaded (4972)
  6. Custom Filter for Quantity column causes “The edit value is invalid” error if any numbers are entered (5086)
  7. Line Items - Subtotal Price column does not filter properly when using the Custom Filter tool (5087)
  8. Order Explorer Total Price sorting is not working properly (5147)
  9. Production - Changing the Due Date causes conversion error (5118)
  10. TAdvExplorerFrame.DoRefresh: Invalid stream format (5154)
  11. Error in TAdvExplorerFrame.DoRefreshData: Invalid stream format (5120)
  12. Estimate Sub-explorer - Estimates not visible for prospects. (5198)
  13. Lost estimates station showing as none incorrectly (5114)
  14. Companies - Stage Column does not display correct results (5223)
  15. Shipment Explorer - Add TransHeader UDFs to Column Chooser (5289)
  16. Shipment Explorer - Shipments for Estimates not appearing. (5199)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Incorrect PO Number being displayed on the Parts tab of an order (4760)
  2. PO & Bills - Please select a valid warehouse for the line item. (4856)
  3. Error when saving a Purchase Order Report to disk: “A statement is expected here” (3082)
  4. Bills - Unable to select all available warehouses (5265)
  5. Receiving individual line items on PO not reducing “On Order” amounts or increasing “Received” amounts (4415)


  1. TransactionUDF - Text UDFs drop-down doesn't stay in place. (4773)
  2. TransactionUDF - List index out of bounds (-1) (4930)
  3. Error when spanning a dashboard over several screens (3081)
  4. Order Explorer - Exclude “Shipped” is excluding orders including a shipment, even if they have not been shipped (4984)
  5. Accounting Receivables Dashboard - Customer A/R Summary instrument missing refresh button (4905)
  6. TransActionUDF - Editing a UDF value does not force a refresh of the Explorer instrument (4772)
  7. Marketing - Change UDF instrument is not working properly (4832)
  8. Specific login fails to load STD Startup 10 JD dashboard. (5268)


  1. Reset Session function not kicking users out of the system (4876)

Production Terminal

  1. Quantity mismatch possibly related to Production Terminal (2794)
  2. Locking Up when having a product with “ReCalculate Price on Status Change” selected for the Shipping product. (4971)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. Add Hidden Startup Option to allow for All Line Items to be sent to Avalara (4755)
  2. Avalara is reducing taxes by the credit memo tax amount as well as the order tax amount. (3084)
  3. Ship 1 Line Item to two different locations, 2nd shipment uses taxation from 1st shipment (4837)
  4. Tax Exempt on Totals tab overriding shipment and account level exemptions. (4789)
  5. Taxes are calculated based on shipping address when “Do Not Ship” is selected. (4969)
  6. Taxes are not reset when you remove shipments. (4970)
  7. Tax Exemption - Notification appearing for states where you have not specified an exemption. (5036)
  8. Changed coding which swapped Account.CompanyName with Account.AccountNumber for Customer/Vendor Code in Avalara. (4280,6203)
  9. Connection to Server Lost for specific estimate (5221)
  10. Exempt in All States not being recognized. (5155)
  11. Changing Tax Class then resetting to default does not execute Calc Taxes (5160)
  12. Creating/Removing Shipment then changing Tax Class and resetting results in incorrect calculation. (5189)
  13. Using a “New Address” to create a shipment causes error to show incorrectly (5125)
  14. Shipments - Child line items posting as Non-Taxable when included in shipments. (4858)
  15. New shipments are defaulting to company Primary Contact instead of the Order Contact (5269)


  1. Credit Card Rate Issue: Change Information Sent (4117)
  2. YTD payroll hours are totaling instead of accruing for the pay period (1618)
  3. Multi-Order Payment - Order being edited in another window or background process (4999)
  4. Payment Entry - Amount tendered doesn't reset based on filtering (5001)
  5. Payment Entry - TDetailPayment_CollBR Son Index out of bounds error (5002)
  6. “Forced Transaction”s are not coming across correctly (5126)
  7. Payment Entry - Amount Tendered does not change when you change the Company selection list (5282)
  8. Account Reconciliation - Master Bill Payments not reconciling (4281)
  9. Payments - Switching company while having more than 1 Order selected causes Index out of bounds error (5280)
  10. Payments - Amount Tendered does not change when you change the Company selection list (5282)
  11. Payments - Orders staying checked when company changes (5287)


  1. The 'AddressClassTypeID' property on 'DbAccountContactAddress' could not be set to a 'null' value. (4844)
  2. CHAPI User - Coelacanth.Setup.msi changes Chapi Password to old password (4725)
  3. Chapidler-esque page for troubleshooting the Control API (3645)
  4. Refresh Message not being Sent for Log in / Log Out Journal Entries (5194)


  1. Production tab of any order generating error if progress billing is not enabled (4854)
  2. Line Items Explorer - Entries in columns are being replaced by a solid check box incorrectly (4863)
  3. Scheduled work assignments not saving correct date when converting estimate to an order (4849)
  4. Add “Vendor Tax No” to company template in import utility (4853)
  5. Remove SQL Constraint FK_TransPart_TransDetail (4852)
  6. Outstanding Balance message being displayed/applied incorrectly (4922)
  7. After changing Region and Language, Error in New Order, Clone Order (4959)
  8. Unable to change string to … when Displaying Line Item Detail (4960)
  9. Installation - Control_Setup.exe - Change wording from License Number to License Key (4846)
  10. Unable to type in UserID field within Control Web Browser (4404)
  11. Browser not accepting all letters typed in any fields (5020)
  12. Control Program Level Invoice Limits (4877)
  13. Advanced Query Setup - Any query built using the Shipping Carrier criteria triggers a SQL error (5024)
  14. Issue with unchecking rows in the Contacts and Bills Explorers (5080)
  15. Pricing Setup - “Pricing” and “Variables” buttons - Invalid class typecast (4678)
  16. Change order status on one client does not refresh on the other client (4576)
  17. After changing Region and Language, Error in New Order, Clone Order (4959)
  18. Unable to change string to … when Displaying Line Item Detail (4960)
  19. Modifying line items on orders with multiple items has delay every time you change fields (5084)
  20. Orders - Schedule - Linking certain employees to Instances takes longer than expected (5253)
  21. Orders - Ellipsis on Line items are moving upon Order edits (5286)

Closed - By Design

  1. Accounting Setup - Taxability codes - Item Taxable Amount issue (4762)
  2. Custom Date Range not working on Explorers (4865)
  3. Activity Manager - Filters not showing entries for certain fields (5119)

Closed - Unable to Reproduce

  1. Credit limits aren't being imported into Control (3093)
  2. SQL Report macros are not being triggered properly when scheduled to run on the server (3085)
  3. UDF's duplicating info (1638)
  4. Could not send email without a recipient (4980)
  5. No response from sslip while logging in error (3749)
  6. No response from SSLIP when checking record lock (3452)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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