Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #226520 - Product Setup - PartByVariableName functions not calculating during normal runtime use (5477)
  2. Pricing Setup - Adjust Part Information Setup - Print/Export to a file (View on Screen) causes Format Invalid file name error (5392)
  3. #219995 - Changes on order edits happen despite locks against them (4923)


  1. Macros - Internal Control - Nested Macros fail to update pricing on recurring orders (5417)


  1. Shipment Explorer - Shipments for Orders causing a “Marketing criteria could not be found. (ID: 916-Status1)” error (5323)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Bills / Receiving Documents - Attaching line item to Bill or R.D. causes “Attempting to load NoID for TPart_Entity” error. (5435)

Production Terminal

  1. #226481 - Standard users are able to see prices of orders despite their security profile not allowing this (5457)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. #227037 - Orders - Tax Exempt option not working when Online Lookup is used on the order (5588)


  1. Multi Quantity Grid not saving totals entered on Estimates or Orders (5337)
  2. #226834 - Orders - Using multiple quantity grids with variations causing extreme slow times (5580)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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