Please note: these are issues that Dev has worked on but are not yet released. Please check the official release notes pages to see if the issue you are looking for has been released.

  1. Trying to specify the Temporary file path for a backup causes A/V when you click the ellipses (6204)
  1. Changed the default settings on a number of the standard system reports
  2. #235507 - Reports do not pull up the list of closeouts when selecting the “prior daily closeout” date range options (6370)
  3. Adjusted the Standard Estimate report to remove extra unwanted numbers
  4. Adjusted the Quarterly Income Tax Report to stop words from being cut off at top
  5. Adjusted the Customer A/R Statement to remove extra unwanted information
  1. #235009 - Text added to PO line item description disappears after clicking in any other field in the PO (6284)
  1. Security right was added for Change Sales Division under Setup > Security Setup > Transactions > Orders.
  1. License Terms - Update Control Terms (6291)
  2. License Terms - Update Installshield Terms (6290)
  3. Divisions - Production Division for Order is not filling in the Production Division column for each Line Item (5404)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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