1. As a User, I have a centralized area to setup Divisions. (Phase 1) (6819)


  1. Add option to SSLIP to reset TCP Listener (6951)
    • We have seen issues where the SSLIP has stopped accepting new connections, though users already running are fine.
    • This option in the SSLIP will “Reset the TCP Listener” and this is also in the right-click menu of the SSLIP Icon in the system tray.

System Setup

  1. Control: Add Options to Not Prompt for Reason on Order/Service Ticket Edit (6800)
    • These options are located under Setup > System Setup > Orders, Estimates, And Service Tickets > Order Options (or Service Ticket Options)

Access Violations

  1. #241599 - A/V on Order Save - (Client specific) (6726)
  2. #242672 - Updating customer data to newest release causing A/V's on Estimate/Order Entry (Client specific) (6836)

Activity Manager

  1. Monthly recurring activities will not be scheduled automatically (5230)


  1. #233458 & #233501 - CHAPI not installing correctly when server is on a domain (6213)
  2. #241254 - CHAPI not releasing locks properly - Clear locks on Log in as well (6688)

Company & Contacts

  1. #242313 - Outstanding Balance message comes up on new companies with no orders (6772)
  2. #238858 - “…TAccount_BR…” error message when adding a contact's shipping account default info (6508)


  1. Control is running Out of memory when Refreshing GL on Transactions in IDE mode (6888)


  1. Installation - Control 5.1 install not putting port into the path entry for DatabaseRecs table(6903)
  2. Installation - 5.1 - Avalara DLL not being registered (4974)


  1. #242036 - Multiple Quantity Grid functions incorrect and causing issues on Estimate Report (6756)
  2. #241824 - Service Orders - Posting part usage zeroes out the Transpart.SuggestedPrice (6735)


  1. Order Activities - Using options for “Automatically Close Orders when Fully Paid” is not working for WIP and Built (6753)
  2. Order Entry - Outstanding balance messages need to be adjusted (6868)


  1. Uncheck and Disable “Send Address” and VCode if card swiped (6902)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #239587 - Pricing Forms - Pricing forms broken upon updating to 5.1 (6599)
  2. Pricing Forms - Error generating Pricing Form - ModifierGrid1.DataRowHeight:Property DataRowHeight does not exist (6984)


  1. Reworked Packing Slip report to speed up the generation of the report. (6796)
  2. Chart of Accounts report to work with DivisionData table.
  3. Expanded TransDetail.Description to span entire page width if you are not using line item taxes.


  1. PT licenses affecting the limit of authorized WebView clients (client specific)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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