1. Additional Security right added to Security Setup for Adjusting Part Usage
    • Setup > Security Setup> Transactions > Orders > Adjust Part Usage
  2. As a User with Post Usage rights, I can post part usage cards from an Order explorer via modal dialog (7070)
  3. As a user, I can group payment methods (7088)
  4. As a User, I can use multiple merchant accounts setup in Control. (6798)
  5. Inventory - Changes to the inventory unit type needs to prompt the user with warning message about Cost and Inventory levels (7141)
  6. Explorers - Add the Estimate Variation Name to the Line Item Explorer (7263)

Access Violations

  1. Error when you click Show Inactive in Report Menu Setup if All Reports is not expanded (6947)
  2. #236346 - Unable to export Product information when column is expanded (6406)
  3. Changing the rounding in System Setup and then editing an order will cause an A/V (7108)
  4. #244573 - A/V when selecting the Production Tab of a new Credit Memo (6885)
  5. Security Setup - A/V on changing a groups rights from “Mixed (Group)” to “Allow” (5514)

Activity Manager

  1. Description for reminder field writes over the phone number. (6924)
  2. #204560 - Activity Role does not allow for selection in the Activity Manager. (5736)
  3. Print Order Reports option is not pulling in Order/Company data (7018)
  4. Add the “Roll Over if Not Completed” button to the Work Assignments screen in the Activity Manager (7240)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. Lock Orders from Avalara Computations on Posting Part Usage (7054)

Company & Contacts

  1. #239863 - Ability to create companies with duplicate names as a Vendor (6612)
  2. A/V on new Company Save when you leave (none) in the Division selection list on Company tab (7195)
  3. Can't use the drop down list to choose a 2nd Salesperson on Contacts tab of a Company (7279)


  1. A/V on Layout Designer instrument - Remove the Design menu from the Add Instrument list (5123)
  2. #247486 - Contact link in Transaction UDF instrument leads to wrong area (7045)
  3. #223183 - Accounting - Financial Throughput Summary refresh rate changes are not saved correctly
  4. Newly Shared Dashboards do not appear until restart of Control. (6525)
  5. #234930 - Grouping settings not being saved on dashboard or explorers (6258)


  1. #230742 - The color of order line items aren't changing depending on Priority in Line Item Explorer (5928)
  2. RecordIndex out of range error when trying to group columns in Purchase Order Explorer (7252)


  1. #248064 - Credit Card Processing - Incorrect Address being sent when processing. (7106)


  1. #247961 - Unable to update warehouse table from version 0 to 3. Violation of primary key constraint (7102)
  2. Inventory units that are changed do not refresh until you exit/enter part setup again. (7140)
  3. Control Crashes on Creating Warehouse Inventory Items (7158)
  4. Inventory transfer is happening when the estimating warehouse is the summary record of the warehouse for the product (7144)
  5. Setting Order Status to Built is causing Part Inventory to appear available (7187)
  6. Low Inventory messages no longer occurring (7262)
  7. Incorrect Inventory Transfer records are not being cleaned up automatically by Control (7329)


  1. Payment Entry - Order total decreased below the payment total. $ will be transferred to Company credit. (7125)
  2. Payment Entry - Discount is being removed from the amount paid and leaves a balance when Order is Closed (7126)
  3. Order Activities - Using options for “Automatically Close Orders when Fully Paid” is not working for WIP and Built (6753)
  4. #248439 - Payment Entry - Selecting a Contact that has a pre-defined payment method is not activating the Post button correctly (7190)
  5. Order Entry - Adding a Shipping line item after a shipment has been processed causes the wrong income account to be credited (7260)


  1. Payroll - Typo on Information popup in View Payroll area when trying to Print Checks (7075)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Warehouse - Cloning a Part that is not currently tracking inventory is causing it to show duplicates of the Warehouses available (7189)
  2. Warehouse - Making a warehouse group inactive is not making the warehouse items inside of it inactive (7120)
  3. #247580 - Warehouse - Warehouse and warehouse summary cost of parts is not the same (7139)
  4. #247580 - Warehouse - Warehouse records need to always be displayed in the same order (7124)
  5. Warehouse - Part Setup - Inventory - Remove warehouse summary line if only one warehouse item is in that group (7122)
  6. Warehouse - Making a warehouse group inactive is not making the warehouse items inside of it inactive (7120)
  7. Parts - Control is allowing you to choose a Part Sub-Category as the category listing for a parent, causing a loop effect (7132)
  8. Parts - Unable to update database to 5.1 due to Part categories being in a loop (7131)
  9. Pricing Setup - Part Setup - Detail section of Inventory tab in Part Setup is cutting off names of Warehouses/Divisions (7315)

Production Terminal

  1. #250109 - Not able to view Estimates in Production Terminal (7198)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. PO & Bills - Please select a valid warehouse for the line item. (4856)
  2. #233187 - Purchase Orders can not be saved if linked to an order for a different Division (6174)
  3. Purchase Order Items Explorer - Setting the status via the explorer does not apply the same as from the PO itself (6531)

Report changes:

  1. #248393 - AlternativeCheckReportCheckAtTop01
  2. #248393 - FullPageCheckReportCheckAtTop01
  3. #248393 - FullPageCheckReport01
  4. #248393 - StubHalfCheckReport01
  5. #238057 - OrderAnalysisMaster01
  6. #248397 - PayrollRecapEncapsulated
  7. #244153 - CheckRegister
  8. #248453 - Income Statement (Division)
  9. WorkOrder01
  10. Estimate01

System Setup

  1. #232463 - Changing list order of Custom Date Ranges causes List Index Out of Bounds error (6060)


  1. Need 3 indexes added to customer databases to increase speed of certain reports (7098)
  2. exception_occurred_while_checking_for_cyclic_part_categories: Cannot assign a default value to a local variable (7145)
  3. List Index Out of Bounds on Part tab of the Design pricing form (7188)
  4. exception_occurred_while_checking_for_cyclic_part_categories: Cannot assign a default value to a local variable (7145)
  5. Installation - Add additional Franchise company's SystemConfig to Installer (7110)
  6. Remove the Edit button from the Walk-In Company (7239)
  7. #238660 - Employee Setup - System locks when changing alt users password if logged in user ignores their own pass change warning (6494)
  8. #222909 - Part Usage Cards - Attempting to add nil as a dependent of TPartUsageCard_BR (5228)
  9. Shipments - Added additional indexes to table to improve performance. (6723)
  10. Increase the size of the Flag pop up window, and auto wrap the text (6063)
  11. Imports - Tax Exempt Number was removed from Companies import template and needs to be added back (7241)
  12. Part Usage Cards - Posting part usage cards for an Order via Control (and PT) is not including the Equipment and Labor parts (7275)
  13. #227039 - Divisions - - Finance charges are disregarding selected Order divisions when applied (5577)
  14. Estimate Entry - Default Invoice Notes appearing on Estimate when created from Action Toolbar (7092)
  15. GL colors not correct when Order marked as Sale, or when entries are manually edited (7311)
  16. Tools - Retroactively Closeout - List index out of bounds (-1) error when clicking Delete Close Out with none available (7316)
  17. Tools - Retroactive Closeouts are overlapping incorrectly depending on how they are inserted (7320)
  18. Exports - Open button needs to be changed to a Save button, as it prevents you from saving in certain locations (7273)
  19. Backup Database - You are able to get around the required backup when updating to newer version of 5.1 (7192)
  20. Make speed improvements to Order Entry dynamic list population (7336)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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