1. Inventory - Stockroom Manager not appearing when Enable Inventory Tracking is checked (5375)


  1. #251982 - Taxes are not being calculated on estimates/orders before it is saved when not using Avalara module (7346)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Pricing Forms - #244906 - Control isn't paneling correctly with materials using sheets (6925)

Production Terminal

  1. Production Terminal - Remove the option to install Production Terminal via the installer (7332)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. #250305 - Purchase Orders - Division being used on a PO must match Division for the Order attached (7238)
  2. Purchase Orders - A/V on Clone of Line Item (7349)
  3. Warehouse for P.O.s being incorrectly set to a warehouse group (7350)
  4. #238080 - Purchase Orders - Costs and Description are not being brought in to a PO when using “Copy from Order/Estimate” (6455)
  5. Purchase Orders - “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error when quickly changing tabs while selection list populates (7334)
  6. Purchase Orders - The Parts being copied into a PO from an Order/Estimate are not aligned according to their Line Item number (7352)
  7. Purchase Orders - Customer is getting “Attempting to add nil as a dependent of TInvTransPartDetail_Entity” error (7351)

Report changes:

  1. PackingSlipForShipment01 - Line items being duplicated depending on how many divisions are active

System Setup

  1. System Setup - Unable to add GIF image type as a logo. (7368)


  1. Miscellaneous - Can not save without control error message when trying to Enable Shared User Account (7335)
  2. Reports - Printer Type - Can't type properly into the Printer Type field on the “Report Criteria” screen. (5731)
  3. #217259 - Reports - Missing scroll bar on the Report Criteria window for various reports (5738)
  4. Make speed improvements to explorers with a large number of custom columns - Dashboards included (7337)

Closed - Unable to Reproduce

  1. #236613 - Pricing Lock - Line item prices are being set to/left at zero due to pricing locks (6423)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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