1. Activity Manager - Notes area not expanded enough by default on Work Assignments (7422)
  1. Dashboards - #232608 - Floating dashboards are still accessible after screen lock is enabled (6074)
  1. Email going to companies primary contact instead of the contact set for the order (7363)
  1. Payroll - #229813 - FUTA (federal unemployment tax) missing from Payroll Information tab in Employee Setup (5798)
  1. Pricing Setup - A/V when exporting various items to XML (5524)
  2. Pricing Forms - #244906 - Control isn't paneling correctly with materials using sheets (rework)
  1. Purchase Orders - #236440 - Shipping address is not defaulted to selected divisions address (6408)
  1. User Defined Fields - #251349 - Creating a UDF with a value required to be set is defaulting a value instead of leaving blank (7323)
  1. Not able to use a decimal in the Added Actual Usage and Revised Actual Usage columns on the Parts tab of an Order (7070)
  2. Miscellaneous - Report Setup - Copy To.. function comes up as a small box that is not able to be used (7427)
  3. Backup Database - Can't set new backup location on the Backup Options screen. (7194)
  4. Miscellaneous - Getting the Walk-In company cannot be edited message anytime you try to Save an Order for that company (7425)
  5. Part Usage Cards - Posting Part Usage for a Labor via Parts tab on Order is using incorrect hourly rate (7426)
  6. Divisions - Need to be able to change the name of the default Division to something other than Company (7419)
  7. Miscellaneous - Avalara not calculating taxes properly when switching back and for between tax types (7421)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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