Activity Manager

  1. Miscellaneous - Need to change the background color of the activity types on the calendar (7473)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. Shipments - Add Shipped Due Date and Shipped Date to Import Addresses feature. (7466)


  1. Explorer - Add the Print button the the Shipments explorer (7738)
  2. Added “Notes” field as criteria in Advanced activity explorer (6356)
  3. Explorer - Add UDF option for Column Chooser on the Service Ticket Explorer (7815)


  1. Macros - Enable ability for users to disable all macros under a system category by unchecking the Active box for the category (7632)
  2. Macros - Ability for actions in a macro to be processed one record at a time. (7683)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Products, Part, Pricing - Allow users to evaluate selected text in the formula debugger (7492)
  2. Production Home - This feature has been removed, it was deprecated years prior. (7491)
  3. Pricing Setup - Part Setup - Location column/list needs to change into a list similar to the Position list in a Company record (7469)


  1. Miscellaneous - Prevent users from setting up their employees as Partial Users if they have not purchased Partial User licences (7365)
  2. Miscellaneous - #256612 - Enable editing of the SKU area on the Adjust Inventory/Cost screen (7612)
  3. Miscellaneous - Add a manual Evaluate button to the Formula Builder screens throughout the system (7629)
  4. Activities - General Ledger columns for Debit/Credit are in reverse order, i.e. Credit/Debit. (7485)
  5. Logs - Purge log files greater than 30 days old on SSLIP startup (7711)
  6. Estimates - Allow negative Total Price for Estimates (7721)
  7. Misc - Add EnteredBy options to Order and Estimate merge fields. (7752)
  8. Purchase Orders - Choosing a non vendor company as a vendor for a Purchase Order should force the change while informing them (7813)

Access Violations

  1. Access Violation - Changing the Priority of an Order after you have canceled out from an Edit causes A/V and other errors (7522)
  2. Access Violation - A/V when trying to add items on the Schedule tab of an Order (7544)
  3. Access Violation - Editing from the Parts tab and switching to Items tab quickly causes A/V (7524)
  4. Access Violation - A/V when you select a GL account as the Member of selection by using the ellipses option in Chart of Accounts (7743)
  5. Access Violation - A/V in Reporting Setup after using the Close All Windows feature (7816)
  6. Access Violation - A/V in Explorers when you have UDF columns visible (7834)


  1. Accounting - You are able to have the same name for an account group and an account in Chart of Accounts (7744)

Activity Manager

  1. Activity Manager - Completing an activity as scheduled not always marked as scheduled. (7476)
  2. Activity Manager - Equipment calendars disappear upon restart of Control, and only appear when performing certain steps (7571)
  3. Activity Manager - Activities get duplicated when a user tries to complete it if another user has that activity open (locked) (7555)
  4. Activity Manager - Time not adjusting itself properly on load if AM started in the 1 or 5 day views (7665)
  5. Activity Manager - Service ticket explorer doesn't come up properly after choosing Service Ticket as the option for new Calls (7838)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. Shipments - Creating a 3rd Party One Time Use Shipment using a 3rd Party Ship From, the Shipping Address displays as n/a (7569)
  2. Shipments - #256702 - Address Import Optimization (7570)
  3. Shipments - #256256 - When converting an estimate to an order, the quantities in the shipments are being doubled. (7608)
  4. Miscellaneous - Taxes are not changing when your companies billing address changes locations (7600)
  5. Shipments - #259271 - Taxes are not correct and seems like it's using online lookup when it's not (7718)
  6. Shipping Tab - #235347 - Editing a One time Use address does now allow updating of the Contact field on the shipping tab (6346)


  1. Installation - Changes needed to SSLIP due to port issues when updating Chapi manually. Change the License not found message (7658)

Company & Contacts

  1. Company and Contacts - Refresh issue on Contacts tab of a Company record (7595)
  2. Company and Contacts - #257729 - Able to remove Account # for Shipping under Company record without being in Edit mode (7692)
  3. Company and Contacts - Default area code is changing phone numbers that have been established previously (7694)
  4. Company and Contacts - #232426 - Credit card number field cleared when unmasking after initial save (6058)


  1. Dashboards - Need to expand the card area on the Post Part Usage Cards dashboard to show entire Part usage card (7314)
  2. Dashboards - #223507 - Production-Real Time - WIP Order instrument is not defaulting to only WIP orders (5288)
  3. Instrument Panels - #238634 - The Contact Detail (Full) and (Limited) instruments are missing from 5.1 Dashboards - (6484)
  4. Instrument Panels - #235403 - Unable to select a saved Activity Explorer query in dashboard instruments (6357)
  5. Instrument Panels - Station selection list not wide enough to show full entries in many areas (5122)
  6. Dashboards - Marketing and Advanced Explorer - Marketing Change Service Contract List index out of bounds (-1) error (5133)
  7. Dashboards - #223105 - A/R Summary instrument's Current and Totals columns are incorrectly handling Pre-Sale Receivables (5260)


  1. Email - #259337 - Message is not allowing users to overwrite entries multiple times. Sends original entry instead. (7735)


  1. Advanced Query Setup - Unable to use is not null and Not equal to “” in advanced query for Service Ticket Explorer (7388)
  2. Miscellaneous - There is a drastic speed difference on initial load of the column chooser for the Line Item Explorer (7657)
  3. Explorer - Columns are being rearranged when you bring up the column chooser (7695)
  4. Explorer - #244220 - Historical Order Explorer not searching on text based fields correctly (6856)
  5. Explorers - #259297 - “Copy New Line Item” pulling all records regardless of system setting (7719)
  6. Explorer - #253153 - Created/Requested Date options not available using Advanced Query (7366)
  7. Explorer - #244218 - Historical order explorer is using invalid operations to query the historical orders (6855)
  8. Explorer - When you export from grid to Excel, the currency values are not coming across as numbers but as text (7696)
  9. Explorers - Taxable Amount column is showing as $0.00 on Order Explorer until Order Edit occurs (7848)


  1. Inventory - Reserved Part Usage never reduced when automatic part usage card creation set to never. (7484)
  2. Inventory - Cloning a part causes the inventory tab to show all parts (7495)
  3. Inventory - #256730 - Sum of Parts linked to WIP orders does not equal the part's Quantity Reserved number (7613)
  4. Inventory - Stockroom Manager Transfers between warehouses not updating qty's properly. (7691)
  5. Inventory - #260294.2 - Able to create a negative balance for On-Order via Receiving Documents (7804)
  6. Inventory - Closing a P.O. moves inventory back to on order when Accounting module is enabled (7842)
  7. Inventory - Inventory is not going back to original numbers when you cancel out of a Purchase Order (7839)


  1. Macros - #254727 - The “Change Status” and “Change Station” macro options don't seem to be working (7482)
  2. Macros - UDF Macro Action not retained when using a category that doesn't match your macro category. (7550)
  3. Macros - Macro Setup - All macro categories will auto expand on first selection of any macro (5302)
  4. Macros - Macros Fire Twice when Orders are closed automatically when moved to Sale (7755)


  1. Order Entry - #257327 - Getting a PK error when using the Additional Finishing Hours modifier on a SW database (7664)
  2. Order Entry - Trying to Click Add Part on an Order/Estimate that has no current line items causes error (7663)
  3. Order Entry - Line items are disappearing from the Parts tab of an Order (7423)
  4. Order Entry - Unable to use the “Make Recurring” option from the Order Explorer when right clicking on an Order (7617)
  5. Order Entry - #256438, 255078, 255251 - Contact on Order is not changing the invoice address properly (7363 - rework)
  6. Order Entry - #202291 - Image Variable not refreshing record in database when thumbnail updated. (5735)
  7. Order Entry - Clones of Closed Orders say Closed instead of New if you clone the Closed Order immediately (7196)
  8. Recurring Order Entry - #226995 - Sales & Marketing - Recur Every spinner inherits the value of End After spinner upon saving (5586)
  9. Order Entry - Initial right clicking of a line item after transactions have been saved causes line item to not be selected (7697)
  10. Order Entry - Normal Due Date fields not appearing when cloning all recurring orders and saving as Order (7710)
  11. Miscellaneous - Error in moving orders to History when there are POs which their defaultOrderID are among the orders about to be moved (7747)
  12. Order Entry - Production Tab is not refreshing correctly when new items are added to an order (7841)
  13. Order Entry - Parts Tab is not refreshing correctly when new items are added to an order (7845)

Payment Entry

  1. Payment Entry - #251070 - Closed Orders that are paid off are showing up when processing payments (7367)
  2. Payment Entry - #254741 - When editing a payment journal, the payment is doubled on the order (7477)
  3. Payment Entry - Incorrect Customer Deposit Entry being made when payment applied via Payments (Receipts) screen (7671)
  4. Payment Entry - Refresh button causes Orders to disappear when only one order is present (7670)
  5. Payment Entry - #257286 - Tax exemptions not coming over properly from 4.6 to 5.1 (7679)


  1. Payroll - #258113 - Payroll information in the YTD / PayHistory screen is incorrect for employees who have different pay types (7840)
  2. Payroll - Overlapping text in the FUTA & SUTA screen in Payroll Setup (7638)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Pricing Setup - #237912 - Lookup Tables do not let you arrow through the fields (6438)
  2. Part Usage Creation - Adjusted wording of Material cards setting. (7486)
  3. Part Usage - Posting Negative Part Usage Card causes overstated Reserved Qty (7494)
  4. Pricing Forms - #255270 - No longer able to tab through the fields properly
  5. Pricing Setup - Product Setup - Clicking the remove button on the Parts tab of a product shouldn't remove all the parts (7574)
  6. Pricing Setup - Product Setup - Checking a part on the parts tab of a product should only check one on first selection. (7573)
  7. Miscellaneous - You are able to edit (temporarily) the text of the Types in the Formula Builder (7641)
  8. Part Usage Cards - Part is using the incorrect value of Fixed Cost instead of Variable Cost as expected (7667)
  9. Pricing Setup - #254775 - Some changes made from the Adjust Part Information screen are not actually being saved (7540)
  10. Pricing Setup - #259299 - Discount Table is appending a number to the back of the current value instead of replacing it. (7720)
  11. Pricing Setup - The Insert boxes for Dynamic Part Category and Parts are not tall or wide enough. (7713)
  12. Pricing Setup - Expand the far left areas default width when you go into various setup areas in Control (7712)
  13. Pricing Setup - #248006 - Large lookup tables are slow to respond when entering in data (7105)

Production Terminal

  1. Production Terminal - #238825 - Production Terminal should show Display Units on the Part listing screen (6501)
  2. Production Terminal - Need to limit the amount of characters that show up from the products description field (7749)
  3. Production Terminal - #230690 - Adjustments to filtering is needed to match previous versions (5922)
  4. Production Terminal - Adjust Timeclock in PT to display all the employees shown on Timeclock, not just PT allowed users. (7771)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Purchase Orders - Linking a PO to an Order is changing the costs of line items on the Order (7551)
  2. Purchase Orders - When you press Enter on the PO (Copy from Order/Estimate) Select Parts to Add popup the screen closes. (7575)
  3. Purchase Orders - “Not a Valid Amount” error when altering a 4 digit (or greater) number (5224)
  4. Purchase Orders - #237898 - Add the ability to add the PO's entered by person's email address in the Merge Field on PO's. (6433)
  5. Purchase Orders - #254980 - Remove ability to change Division on an Order if a PO is attached to it currently (7541)
  6. Purchase Orders - #226970 - POs that are able to be converted to Vendor Credit Memo and stay open cannot be Saved after an Edit (5593)
  7. Purchase Orders - The predictive text for Item Type and Item Name is slow (7628)
  8. Purchase Orders - #260294.3 - Able to receive inventory multiple times from a single purchase order (7806)


  1. Reporting Setup - Cancel doesn't clear out changes made to description field (7805)
  2. Reports - Unable to delete an entire folder of reports in Reporting Setup (7808)
  3. Report Setup - Report Security Rights default to (none) when a change is made to a System Crystal Report (7812)
  4. Report Setup - Reporting Setup gets locked up when you exit out of an Edit using “Close All Windows” from File menu (7814)
  5. Reports - #260066 - Group reports are not being attached to Orders properly and are sending duplicates of a single report from the group (7785)
  6. Setup - Reporting Setup - Using the Close All Windows feature under the File menu will close a report that's in Edit mode. (5338)


  1. Security Setup - #260583 - Non-Administrator users are not able to right click and clock onto orders in the Order Explorer. (7825)


  1. SSLIP should let the user know if the license fails because Chapi is not running (7669)

User Defined Fields

  1. UDF Layouts - UDF Layout is not refreshed on the totals tab during the clone of an estimate and save as an order. (7742)


  1. WAPIC - #250272 - Submitting Company via API causes it to not appear in Company Explorer when using Not Classified checkbox (7237)


  1. Miscellaneous - #256694 - The the tree view section of the Add Parts pop-up screen for Orders no longer expands correctly (7607)
  2. Miscellaneous - Credit memo window size needs to be set to match the Production tab so it doesn't change sizes (7313)
  3. Miscellaneous - “Digits after the decimal to round to” will display the number 4 for any number larger than 4 typed in (7199)
  4. Miscellaneous - Expand the box located in the upper left of an Orders Production tab so it doesn't cut off the Station ellipses (7610)
  5. Miscellaneous - Various amounts being changed on line item explorer upon changing a Due Date/Proof Date for that line item (7662)
  6. Miscellaneous - Cannot move Orders and Estimates to History (6857)
  7. Miscellaneous - Adjustments needed for defaults to lower part of Stockroom Manager screen (7637)
  8. Miscellaneous - Able to create a new login user without entering password in Employee Setup (7191)
  9. Miscellaneous - Chinese characters show up momentarily when you go into the Adjust Part Information screen (7635)
  10. Miscellaneous - Shipments area needs to be expanded slightly so words are easier to read (7609)
  11. Miscellaneous - Expand the left section of the Preview View pane while on the Parts tab (7611)
  12. Miscellaneous - No Email Message sent being displayed when a test email goes out (7552)
  13. Miscellaneous - Line item names are being cut off on the % Complete tab of Orders (7553)
  14. Miscellaneous - Error during Store Initialization: Can not save without control - SQL also required (7594)
  15. Miscellaneous - Taxes are being set to $0.00 or n/a when you change the Due Date from an explorer or from the Order directly (7599)
  16. Miscellaneous - Refresh issue on Production tab of an Order when canceling out of an Edit (7520)
  17. Miscellaneous - TCustTransDetail_CollBR Son Index out of bounds (14) occurs when changing the Production division of a line item (7502)
  18. Miscellaneous - #256280 - Changing certain line items Production Divisions is causing other line items to change as well. (7521)
  19. Miscellaneous - #247566 - Due date defaults to 1/1/1900 (7483)
  20. Miscellaneous - Search Criteria section for Line Item Explorer is not wide enough (7487)
  21. Stations - Line Item station completes during clone of order. (7597)
  22. Modifiers - #256835 - Using certain default values for a modifier causes an Invalid cell value error (7618)
  23. Miscellaneous - Buttons are being cut off in the Credit Card Options screen in Accounting Setup (7639)
  24. Miscellaneous - Scheduling text in Part setup needs to be moved for better display (7736)
  25. Miscellaneous - Call to TWorkAssignment_BR.GetSubTier while being destroyed error when working with work assignments on the Schedule tab (7745)
  26. Scheduling - #232686 - Scheduling activities from an order is not selecting the appropriate equipment calendar. (Rework) (6092)
  27. Miscellaneous - #260212 - When an exempt address is the first item in shipping, the rest of the line items fail to calculate taxes. (7786)
  28. Miscellaneous - Change Division from Action menu is not causing an edit to the Order and transferring the Debits/Credits (7325)
  29. Miscellaneous - Refresh Issue when Write Offs are applied to an Order via the Action menu (7331)
  30. Miscellaneous - Reconcile the Bank statement the “Last Statement Date” does not refresh until you exit/enter the Account Rec screen (7324)
  31. Miscellaneous - You are able to enter in a number that is larger than 100 for the % Complete area when using Progress Billing (7774)
  32. Employee Setup - #230284 - Refresh issue with phone number type selections showing up as Not Specified (5858)
  33. Miscellaneous - Expand User Defined Field Setup area to prevent Move Down button from being cut off slightly (7837)
  34. Miscellaneous - Bills Balance Due is not being set to $0.00 when the Bill is Voided - Works on Orders (7820)
  35. Miscellaneous - Remove the Shipping Methods / Carriers group from under Company in System Setup (7824)
  36. Miscellaneous - Properties tab values are able to be changed while not in Edit mode when working with Pricing Forms and other areas (7829)
  37. Activities - Credits column keeps getting pushed to the far right (7818)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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