With the release of Control 5.5 there were a handful of new major features added to the program, as well as a slew of various bugs fixed and other non-major features that have been tweaked since 5.1.

Below are links for each of the new major features:

  1. Dashboards - Create a Contact Explorer dashboard instrument (7884)
  2. Dashboards - Changes to Update Order Progress instrument and also enabling it for Estimates (7890)
  1. Explorer - Add a “Firm Due Date” checkbox column to the various applicable explorers / instruments (7950)
  2. Explorer - Add the Proof Approval option columns to the Line Item Ticket Explorer column chooser (7864)
  1. Miscellaneous - Change the behavior of columns being enabled/disabled that have an OV column associated with them (7819)
  2. Miscellaneous - Add Order.InvoiceNumber to the Order group in the Merge Fields selections (7846)
  3. Miscellaneous - Add check in the SSLIP to throw a message if you are running on a port offset that appears when SSLIP starts (7921)
  4. Miscellaneous - Add Origin column to the Order and Estimate explorers, and their associated instruments. (7933)
  5. Miscellaneous - Remove the word “Home” in “Marketing Home” on the main menu of Control (8005)
  6. Miscellaneous - Add a Bill Items explorer and sub explorer option for the Bills explorer (7928)
  7. Miscellaneous - Remove default icon when the payment method icon is set to None (8050)
  1. Access Violation - Random A/V when you scroll to the right on the Inventory tab in Part Setup (7827)
  2. Access Violation - #260982 - A/V when using the Calc Taxes button with no information entered on an Order (7858)
  3. Access Violation - A/V going from Parts to Production tab after making a change in System Setup (7900)
  4. Access Violation - #262474 - Unable to perform the Close Day procedure from the Quick Reports menu (7943)
  1. Activity Manager - #263312 - Unable to complete activities assigned on multiple calendars using complete button (8010)
  1. Company and Contacts - Delete button doesn't work on Shipping tab of a Contact on Company record (8069)
  2. Company and Contacts - #261019 -Able to create a new company address via the shipping tab when users have security rights denied (7882)
  3. Company and Contacts - Access Violation when clicking the New button from the Contacts tab on a Company record (8083)
  1. Dashboards - Expand the Caption field that is in ALL dashboard instruments (7854)
  2. Dashboards - Action selection list in Shortcuts dashboard instrument needs 4 Unknown Actions removed (7881)
  3. Dashboards - Needs to be a limit on the amount of characters you can type when making a dashboard name (7905)
  4. Dashboards - Radial buttons are both visually cut off in the Update Order Progress dashboard instrument (7888)
  5. Dashboards - Radial buttons are both visually cut off in the Report dashboard instrument (79325)
  6. Dashboards - On the Accounting - Receivables dashboard the Open Receivables instrument doesn't sort Invoice Age correctly (7931)
  7. Miscellaneous - Remove the Default Designer dashboard from the SystemData file (7963)
  1. Explorer - A 12:00 AM Due Date time shows up as no time at all in explorers (8052)
  2. Explorer - Small visual issues with Activity and Recurring Orders Explorers (8054)

Order Entry

  1. Order Entry - #264204 - Child line items being taxed but marked as non-taxable in GL if parent line item is in a shipment (8076)
  2. Order Entry - Parent company's shipping address is being used in the lookup/calculation of taxes when choosing “Customer will take possession at billing address”. (7920)
  1. Part Usage Cards - Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr) (7862)
  2. Miscellaneous - #260906.1 - Part Usage Card dashboard instrument is not allowing for quick data entry (7859)
  3. Miscellaneous - #260906.2 - Part Usage Card dashboard instrument is not allowing for quick data entry (7860)
  4. Miscellaneous - #260906.3 - Part Usage Card dashboard instrument is not allowing for quick data entry (7861)
  1. Purchase Orders - Cancelling a PO set the estimated cost to $0.00 for that linked part. (7914)
  1. System Setup - Miscellaneous - Saturday and Sunday are not capitalized correctly in System Setup (8004)
  2. System Setup - Email signature is not being updated when you Edit/Save in System Setup. (8002)
  1. Miscellaneous - Remove the word “Estimate” from the Invoice number section in System Setup (7847)
  2. Miscellaneous - #261185 - Line Item Number and Line Item Description Merge Fields do not work (7910)
  3. Miscellaneous - #261136 - Orders with many line items are taking a very long time to process in Control (7929)
  4. Miscellaneous - Order calculates taxes when being edited but changes back to 'n/a' when saved. (8039)
  5. Miscellaneous - Column widths in Pay Bills section need to be changed so words don't get cut off (8066)
  6. Miscellaneous - Prev / Next Record - Adjust height to 16 pixels (8073)
  7. Miscellaneous - Remove the icons from the Edit Thumbnail popup (8072)
  8. Miscellaneous - Quick Lookup Instrument - Icon spacing increased to 16 pixels (8074)
  9. Miscellaneous - Icons in the Action toolbar to the right are not aligned properly (8075)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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