1. Add SeqID field to all Explorers - Explorers - #265922


  1. Left and Top Justify Column Headings in Adjust Part Information (8122)
  2. Increase the size of the Open Activity screen (8123)
  3. Order/Product Export to Standalone SQL Database - (7999)
    • Reports > Customer Support > Order Export
  4. Make New Contact Link in Order Entry Discoverable (8134)

Access Violations

  1. #263266 - A/V when posting a non complete Part Usage Card with specific customer database
  2. Access violation when working with the Resources dashboard instrument (7856)
  3. Access violation when choosing ICO image type for the icon in Product Setup - Pricing Setup (7577)
  4. Access Violation when doing an address search on the Quick Bill Payment screen (8179)


  1. Able to use system Accounts when making a new Journal record by typing name in manually (8047)


  1. Reserved Qty incorrect, using Check Reserved Tool fails to locate problem and correct. (8121)


  1. Order Entry - Line item Due Dates that are Overridden need to be reset to the Order Due Date when an Order is cloned (8088)
  2. Linking Bill to an Order does not force an edit on the order. (8225)
  3. #266074 - Digital Print products are trying to change price to $0.00 on existing estimates - (8176)

Part Usage Cards

  1. #265491 - Expenses are hitting the GL at different times even thought usage was posted at the same time (8105)
  2. #266342 - Line item disappears when posting usage to an order in Edit mode - Part Usage Cards (8208)

Payment Entry

  1. #265991 - The AddressID on a QuickBill is not getting saved to the database anywhere. - Payment Entry (8178)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. PartID and PartClassTypeID is set to NULL on new Part creation for the Journal, Inventory Log, and Ledger (8245)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Purchase Orders are not handling line item Activities properly (8246)
  2. Purchase Orders are not handling line item status changes properly (8247)


  1. #265569 - “Total Unit Cost” on Parts tab of an order is not calculating correctly. (8112)
  2. Unable to Add/Remove columns on the Parts tab of an Order by using the drop down list (8110)
  3. #265554 - There are some missing right click options for Parts whenever you use the order summary view. (8111)
  4. Change the “Required to backup your data…” message when updating to a newer version of Control (8128)
  5. #265889 - Product is taxed on these when nothing is selected causes Taxable amount to show incorrectly (8131)
  6. Minor visual adjustments need to be made to the Edit UDF pop up window (7865)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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