1. Change the default columns and their order on the Parts tab of Orders/Estimates - Explorer (8265)
  1. Error evaluating default value of modifier - Access Violation (8272)
  2. A/V when changing the Default Cost Multipliers already applied to an Estimate - Access Violations (8271)
  3. A/V when trying to do a purchase order for a stockroom warehouse (8262)
  1. UpdateFedExShipment Trigger is clearing out previous info that was entered - Miscellaneous - #266576 (8243)
  1. Company Flags and Notes should not appear as though you can edit them from an Order's Company tab (8268)
  1. Send message with alternative plain text version does not work and appears unchecked when Saved - System Setup (8003)
    • Also caused email attachments to not send correctly.
  1. Contact Macros are not working when used from the right click menus (8269)
  1. Orders converted from Estimates are automatically applying the customer credit without asking - Order Options (8256)
  2. Selecting all items under Product is taxed on these causes product to not be taxable (8368)
  3. Unit price when rolling child totals into the parent displays incorrectly when the parents price is 0 initially (8317)
  4. Load images is always going to where the application is stored, and not to the setting preferred - Machine Setup - #263410 (8017)

Payment Entry

  1. Discounts are showing up as Balance Due after a Payment is made to an Order (8315)

Part Usage Cards

  1. Part usage from time cards on orders in Sale causes order to appear on the Sales Report on the same day as part - #268492.4 (8369)
  1. Text is not wrapping naturally in the Adjust Part Information screen (8144)
  2. Index Out of Bounds error occurs when you view any product when using Product User Defined Field Layouts - Pricing Setup (8036)
  1. Using a part on a PO is removing the Location field value - Purchase Orders - #266844 (8257)
  1. Report selection list showing duplicates for the Shortcuts dashboard instrument - Reports (7880)
  1. Error when attempting to Edit Estimate Greeting from an Estimate Explorer - #266864 (8254)
  2. Dictionaries _sp.adl files are not being saved to the correct location (8258)
  3. Domain auto login is occurring again immediately after you logout - Miscellaneous (8260)
  4. Control should disable Doc Management if the SSLIP user doesn't have access to write to those folders. (8264)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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