1. Add the Firm Date checkbox option to the popup for Change Due Date option from Explorers (8482)
  1. A/V trying to display a contact that is (unassigned) - Not assigned to a Company (8493)
  1. #265375 - Activity Manager refocuses the current time as soon as you're finished moving an activity (8091)
  1. #268617 - Unable to add shipment back to an Order once you uncheck it on Shipping tab (8481)
  1. #266840 - Add a field for the Tax ID for each Division - Divisions (8253)
  1. Searching for an Order number that has a space at the end doesn't work properly in multiple places (8386)
  1. Unable to import information into control because of special characters used in the document not being valid in SQL (8011)
  1. #269066 - Unable to locate list variable: POLETYPE and SIDESDROP - Pricing Forms (8483)
  1. A/V when choosing a child line item to associate with a Purchase Order that was more than one level deep (8372)
  2. #268904 - Violation of primary key constraint 'transheader_pk' when trying to Convert a PO to a Bill (8480)
  1. #263784 - Inactive stations showing in GL Department selection list on reports (8062)
  1. UDF Layout drop down showing inactive layouts (7902)
  1. Certain Labor and Equipment units are showing up incorrectly as Foot and other length units on Activities tab (7997)
  2. Invoice Discount needs to show a message that it is going to apply a negative finance charge (8382)
  3. #266546 - Balance_Outstanding_Total is sorting as a text field when used in an Advanced Query (8240)
  4. All areas that are related to the Time clock say “Status” when they should say “Station” (8107)
  5. Filters for Activities are removing entries improperly when not all are selected (8494)
  6. #263185 - When using Print Grid to export parts, data in the Active Column is getting replaced with (7990)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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