1. #264125 - Shipments - Add Tax Class as part of Shipping Address Import (8071)
  1. Add Tax Class as a column for the Order/Estimate explorers (8373)
  1. Import process (of any kind) will now prompt with a message about making a backup (8903)
  1. Miscellaneous - Add a “Suggested Unit Price” column for the Parts tab on an Estimate/Order/Service Ticket (8044)
  1. Add the Division and Warehouse columns to the Activities tab of a Part in Part Setup (8689)
  1. Add the Quick Email option to the Print Option selection for Word Reports (8635)
  1. Add the ability to sort the Payment Entry screen by each of the columns available besides Amount (8626)
  2. Add a Refresh button to the A/P Vendor Summary instrument, or have it auto refresh when new items should appear (8707)
  1. #269751 - User gets Access Violation error when opening any pricing form in Control (8576)
  1. Unable to change the Line Item, Part, and Instance of a Recurring Activity (8906)
  1. #269945 - Cannot Copy Tracking Number Without Being in Edit Mode (8606)
  2. Taxes for the entire Order are being determined by the first shipping item on the Order (8871)
  1. Postal Codes that start with a 0 are not working properly (8823)
  2. #272142 - “(Vendor Name) has been set as Vendor” when saving new vendor credit memo's (8709)
  3. Notes area on an Employee record is not selectable if you have previously tried to Edit a system account (ex Administrator) (8899)
  1. #269540 - Cash Position instrument displays more accounts than it should (8530)
  2. #193537 - Sorting is not being saved on Marketing Search Results instrument (3083)
  3. The Post Deposit button on the Make Deposit Instrument never loses focus (8589)
  1. #269603 - Advanced Explorer Query not filtering on criteria selected (8550)
  2. #272672 - Purchase Order Explorer is sorting by the first number when sorting by total instead of the total price (8772)
  1. Invalid pointer operation when working with the Import screen (8519)
  1. Incorrect InventoryID, WarehouseID being applied during upgrade of Control. (8553)
  2. #269745 - Check Reserved Inventory - Adjust to include WIP & Built orders (8548)
  3. Balance stays in Received Only when a Rec Doc is created for a quantity more than was ordered on the PO (8572)
  4. Received Only goes negative when cancelling PO if Bill was created for the same part. (8710)
  5. Parts tab of Orders are not using correct colors for parts with Inventory Tracking on/off (8717)
  1. Right Click | Run Macro - Doesn't Work from the Company Explorer - Macros (8508)
  2. Run Macro on single Estimate using Full Query (not individual estimate) (8640)
  3. In Macro Setup - Run Query and View Query Buttons should always be enabled (8645)
  4. Changes from Macros are now causing Company UDFs to update. (8934)
  1. Error when going between records while on the Production tab of Orders (8605)
  2. #272677 - Orders based from Recurring Orders with a product's Production Time set to 0 are not adjusting the Due Date properly (8776)
  3. Taxes are not being split up in the Tax Class Selection pop up when using multiple tax classes (8886)
  4. Company name showing as (none) upon initial Save of the Order (8310)
  1. #271820 - Voided column of Usage Cards section on Parts tab of Orders does not register right clicks properly (8700)

Payment Entry

  1. #272527 - Out of Balance error when posting a payment on an order where the Company Tax Status was changed to Exempt (8764)
  1. Top row of the various templates need to have the height increased (8747)
  1. #264230 - Production Terminal is showing the last few line items when switching between orders. (8080)
  1. A/V when changing the Default Division and Shipping Address of a Purchase Order (8509)
  2. #271798 - Remove the ability to create a bill for one vendor but write the check for another (8647)
  3. #271798 - Payable To field should be linked to the address available on a bill payment screen (8649)
  1. #269758 - Standard Invoice is not pulling billing contacts address when set to use APContact (8575)
  2. #269520 - “Show off balance sheet entries?” parameter on the report is not working (8585)
  3. #272008 - Some reports are causing an external exception due to the length of the part description (8702)
  4. #272530 - International date format does not work with certain reports (8765)
  5. Two Closeouts in a Report Group cause Closeouts to get arranged incorrectly (8609)
  6. Credit memo doesn't show the Address at all if Address line 2 isn't filled in
  7. #272698 - Orders Placed Between report is not picking up orders that were created inside the date range that do not have any GL (8779)
  1. #272621 - User gets invalid login when logging in with a username that contains an apostrophe (8771)
  1. #267140 - Conversion of a varchar data type to smalldatetime data type resulted in a out-of-range value (8270)
  2. Unable to Save error message in Accounting Setup when Postal isn't filled in correctly in System Setup (8574)
  3. Unable to Save error message when Postal isn't filled in correctly in System Setup (8574)
  1. Invalid floating point operation when going between orders while on the Parts tab (8658)
  2. Expand the selection lists in the Lookup Tables > Setup Table area to match longest entry (8627)
  3. #266097 - Control times out when updating Inventory table after upgrading to Control 5.5 (8177)
  4. #272077 - User get the message “Total of matching accounts does not match receipt amount.” when editing a non-order receipt (8705)
  5. #270207 - Domain login not working for users when Chapi is running as a local user (8708)
  6. #272252 - When creating a custom date range, the Fixed or Relative Date/Time is displaying the date incorrectly (8714)
  7. #269686 - Alphabetize the variable list by variable name on the Parameter Grid pricing form object (8558)
  8. Make the email message text be selectable (copyable) from a Journal entry (8785)
  9. Pop-up Pricing Forms open in Center of Display, not Center of Screen (8584)
  10. Selection lists on Parameter Grid pricing form object need to auto expand to match their largest entry (8767)
  11. Control Pop-ups open on different screen (8657)
  12. “Unable to update the service item” if editing a order and close a Service Activity (8848)
  13. #273620 - Recalculate button is not acting as expected to determine Overhead Labor (8890)
  14. Able to Save a Bill after you clear the Payment Due Date on an Edit (8832)
  15. Subsidiaries will lock up Control when going to the Documents tab (8915)
  16. Visual issue in the address field in the Chart of Accounts (8919)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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