Avalara / Shipping

  1. Calc. Taxes button showing up on a database that isn't using Online Tax Lookup (9032)

Company & Contacts

  1. #263594 - Add Company name next to Contact name when you using the Quick Lookup tool (8994)
  2. Company Quick Lookup popup will be formatted like the new Contact screen (9033)


  1. Added an Order Criteria in Advance Explorer for pull orders that are out of balance (9190)


  1. #274990 - Replace the time component on the time clock screen to include a Today button (8944)
  2. Show four decimal places for the Debits and Credits columns on Journal records in Activities screens (9259)

Access Violations

  1. A/V's using the Verify Formulas utility (8930)
  2. A/V when unchecking the Vendor box while on the Vendor tab of a new Company (9039)
  3. #276119 - Access violation in station setup and station settings in production setup (9043)
  4. #276171 - Access Violation when changing rights in Security Setup (9048)

Avalara / Shipping

  1. Shipments that are non taxable due to using address tax classes are not shown as non taxable in the GL (9263)

Company & Contacts

  1. Able to create a Vendor with no phone number or Primary Contact (9161)


  1. Explorer Dashboard instruments are not saving their filtering (8990)
  2. Dashboards not prompting users to set newly created ones as their default (9149)


  1. #276458 - Email body included in the Report Criteria screen does not show up (9151)


  1. #276263 - Colors showing up incorrectly when the Due Date is not set (9130)


  1. #269687 - Shipping Address Importer hangs on Completing Import (8559)


  1. #273293 - Using the merge field in a PO macro won't produce an e-mail (8868)


  1. Estimate Costs and Price are not showing up at correct times when you manually add Parts to an Order (9164)
  2. Choose Other option on an Order is not letting you choose a different company (9150)

Part Usage

  1. #276256 - When entering values in Additional Actual Usage field on Parts tab, gets Index out of bounds error (9129)

Payment Entry

  1. #277687 - Out of Balance in GL error when posting a payment using the Payments screen from the top menu (9190)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #276251 - Two Issues in the Display Units area of a Part in Part Setup (9049)
    • Using Inventory Units in the Display Units section now hides the conversion formula, and resets it to 1 to 1 upon unchecking.
  2. Subtotal box on the Misc, Outsource, and Finishing Hardware products is not calculating properly (9036)
  3. Pricing Levels used for Employees not showing correctly in Pricing Setup (9261)
  4. #276705 - Inactive Pricing levels still being used on Employees that are set to use it (9174)

Production Terminal

  1. #276379 - Salesperson and Division filters not working in Production Terminal (9143)
  2. #276828 - Production Terminal Assigned To area doesn't work when set to use (Current User) (9169)
  3. Refresh issue in the Assigned To area in Production Terminal (9181)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Line items are not appearing in the selection list for Purchase Orders, Bills, etc (9029)
  2. Bills are not making the correct edits to Orders to associate Direct Cost from Bills entries (9028)
  3. Voiding a bill with a payment on the date of creation results in extra GL entries that should not be present. (9128)
  4. Catalog Units should show when prompt comes up to change unit cost from a PO (9156)
  5. Cloning a Bill to make a PO gives you the incorrect Action Toolbar (9158)
  6. Void button on Bills never becomes non-selectable (9157)
  7. Additional Discounts on Quick Bill Screen leaves a Balance Due (9186)


  1. #276123 - Invoice shows Paid In Full if there is no balance on the order due to taxes not being calculated.
  2. Line Item_PartListing report doesn't show any info (9037)
  3. WIP and Built orders showing up on Sales reports / Taxes not showing up (rework)
  4. #278125 - Printing Bill report for a vendor credit memo shows 'Bill #0' at the top (9193)

User Defined Fields

  1. #270433 - UDF info entered into one field is persisting into another UDF layout when switching between them (8644)


  1. Setting the File Name in the Report Criteria screen to a merge field blanks out the file name preventing a new Destination Path (8928)
  2. Visual issue with the Month/Day selection lists for a Contact using different regional settings (8860)
  3. Control crashes when you tab out of the Start Date/Time field for a new master time card if not filled in properly (8498)
  4. Saving a clone of a Bill that has been cloned causes error (8555)
  5. Remove button on the Vendor tab of a Company record only allows removal of one Part at a time (9021)
  6. Add and Delete buttons are not working properly in the Pricing Families setup screen (8929)
  7. Once you set the Station of an Order on the Production tab, you are unable to clear it (9146)
  8. Image and image location are not being stored correctly when tied to a product on an Order (9167)
  9. Add Spell Check capabilities to the New Notes area when you “Open Activity” (9174)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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