Company & Contacts

  1. Add ability to search from Quick Lookup tool via a Company number (9148)


  1. Add the ability to reference various totals for line items in Advanced Queries (9165)


  1. #271849 - Add an area in System Setup that allows people to modify the default Do Not Ship option (8946)


  1. #278619 - A/V in Accounting Setup when you change Default Payment Terms (9292)


  1. Expanding dashboard instrument will remove selections made (9185)


  1. #276551 - Scheduled macro activities not running. “Execution canceled by unknown user” (9175)
  2. Run Macro Action to Un-check a UDF is not working correctly (9192)


  1. All child line items are not showing the “Is Taxable” flag, even though they have taxes (9284)
  2. Credit Memos are being restricted by UDFs that are required for Orders (9264)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. #278419 - PK error when you delete a line item of an order which is associated with a canceled PO (9285)

System Setup

  1. #278362 - 'Hide Shipping Address' option in Contact Options affects whether companies have shipping addresses (9280)


  1. Minor visual issues with the Schedule Macro screen (9293)

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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