1. Set the 4 areas that show a dollar amount in Account Register to 4 decimal places to match SQL (9393)

Company & Contacts

  1. The 2nd salesperson and 3rd salesperson fields are now active before filling in the primary salesperson. (9365)


  1. #250767 - Add Recurring Order to the Quick Lookup Instrument (9303)

Orders & Estimates

  1. #276359 - Add a Complete column to the Items tab of Orders/Estimates/Service Tickets (9178)
  2. Removing various unnecessary columns on the Payments tab of an Order and adding an Amount column (9191)

Company & Contacts

  1. #279110 - Invalid Point Operation when deleting a duplicate company (9353)
    • If new reassigned contacts are repeated, they will be renamed. (x) will be added at the end of the last name.


  1. Able to post a payment to an Estimate via dashboard instruments (9337)
  2. Dashboard Instruments not saving information selected (9390)


  1. #279709 - Dashboard Explorer instruments are not automatically populating upon launch (9358)


  1. #276551 - Scheduled macro activities not running. “Execution canceled by unknown user” (9175) (rework)


  1. Line item quantity being reset to 1 when a payment is made to Orders in Sale status (9407)

Part Usage

  1. #247848 - Part Usage Card list does not automatically refresh when a new Part Usage card is posted (9308)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Part Cost and Inventory not updating properly when edited multiple times in succession (9268)
  2. Warning message showing “The Roll Width cannot be zero” (9408)
    • Added SQL update query to repair Pricing Forms. You are prompted to backup before the query executes.

Production Terminal

  1. Production Terminal shows SystemReportMenuItem table error on first load of Work Order after starting SSLIP (9276)

Purchase Orders & Bills

  1. Orders not showing in Default for Order explorer because settings are getting overwritten to Excluded (9362)


  1. Miscellaneous (non-order) Receipt being posted to current date instead of date entered (9336)
  2. Blank error message when saving a Vendor Credit Memo (9371)
  3. Line Items not loading all values from TransDetailParam when TransDetail.ParameterStr is NULL (9369)
  4. Active checkbox on Taxability Codes in Accounting Setup is unable to be changed with a Save (9360)
  5. Auto expand the Account selection list that is in the Miscellaneous (non-order) Receipt area (9397)

Current CHAPI Release


Current Production Terminal Release


These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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