1. #276855 - Add a “Show Off Balance-Sheet” button to View Account Register screen and adjust the Current Balance shown (9180)
    • Current Balance displayed will be based off of the GL when Off Balance-Sheet entries are not shown.


  1. Visual adjustments needed in the Activity Explorer (9316)
  2. Add Promotion in Advanced Explorer criteria for Orders, Estimates, and Companies (9560)

Orders & Estimates

  1. Add “Clock On” to Order Action menu (9409)
  2. Remove the Go To Date button from the Activities tab on an Order Class Journal Activity (9517)
  3. Low Inventory messages are now considering the current Order being saved (7989)
  4. Add Expand Line Item and Expand All Line Items options to the right click menu on Orders (9734)


  1. Add Tax Class column to Journal records on the Activities tab (9283)
    • Tax Class info will not show up in this column when the Order is in WIP/Built status as income is not actually posted until it's a Sale.
  2. Change made to the Backup Database message (9464)
  3. #279790 - Add the ability to change the name that Control uses when emailing (9402)
    • From Name field is located in both System Setup and User Options under the Email Options category
  4. Change the field size for the formula in a formula UDF from 1000 characters to varchar(max) (9558)
  5. Add a REPLACE() string function in CFL (9559)

Activity Manager

  1. #279778 - Access Violation when trying to create an Activity without having an active calendar (9401)
    • Users will now be prompted with a message telling them that they are not viewing an active calendar.
  2. Activity Manager not showing the Class Type in the column (9491)
  3. Activities disappear from your calendar when you use the Save View function (9018)
  4. #282840 - Index Out of Bounds. Request for Text [-1] exceeds Count of 23 (9742)
  5. Work Assignments based off of Templates are defaulting the Duration and Scheduled Date to incorrect values (8907)

Company & Contacts

  1. A/V when you Add a Contact then Cancel the Company Edit before Save (9055)
  2. Contact picture buttons should not function when Company is not in Edit mode (8500)
  3. #281671 - Foreign Key error when cloning and order which uses a contact address on a shipment which has been deleted (9486)


  1. UDF Dashboard instrument requires 2 decimal places to input decimal. (9614)


  1. Line Item criteria for Production Division not working in Advanced Query area on explorers (9463)
  2. Dates are not being exported correctly from the Company Explorer (9468)
  3. Due Dates are showing up as 1/1/1900 on Dashboard Explorers when they are (Not Set) on an Order (9567)


  1. #282013 - Hot folder import is not working correctly (9588)


  1. Macro Activities are not showing details (8487)

Orders & Estimates

  1. Calc. Taxes button remains when child line items are pulled up into the parent line item (9395)
  2. Right click menu for line item options is not changing correctly when in Edit mode (9396)
  3. Choose Other option on Company tab of an Order is showing a Company when it should be blank initially (9298)
  4. #196206 - Simultaneous Estimate conversions create multiple Orders - Estimate Entry (3050)
  5. Dates not being set upon status change and/or creation of orders / purchase orders (9478)
  6. Control needs to check for duplicate line item numbers and readjust them automatically if needed (9431)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #275765 - Text entered in the Description of a line item disappears when adding a new child line item (9020)
  2. #264208 - Having two Product Setup screens is making the variable not refresh correctly (8081)
  3. Pricing sub categories are not displaying the entire formula area correctly in Product Setup (9681)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. New Purchase Orders showing wrong Created date (9465)
  2. Initial Status on Save is not working for Purchase Orders (9515)
  3. Converted Receiving Documents are not reducing On-Order amounts for Inventory (9685)


  1. #278741 - Customer A/R statement is blank unless you run it for 90+ days or All time (9300)
  2. #282419 - Bills_Bill report puts comma in the order number


  1. Security right for Create/Save Marketing List not working properly (8947)

System Setup

  1. #227124 - Printer Types - Printer selection being overwritten by PC's default printer in Reporting Setup (rework - 5590)

User Defined Fields

  1. Deleting a Part UDF Layout causes Control to crash/freeze (8520)
  2. #224307 - UDF Layouts using incorrect drop-down type for UDF's with “Allow Multiple Selections” selected (5382)
  3. UDF value defaulting to different choice (5172)


  1. Need to expand the width of the Lookup Table area so the Sub-Category button is not cut off on load (9140)
  2. #275718 - Input issue with creating a new Journal entry (9019)
  3. Able to change the Category and Name of a Macro Category when not in Edit mode (8939)
  4. Typo in Default Accounts Setup Warnings area (9479)
  5. #279849 - Updated Images on an Order are automatically saved as thumbnails even though Variable is set to Save Original (9438)
  6. Account Information text is cut off on the Company tab of Orders (9556)
  7. Left pane of Marketing Home gets cut off when you double click on an existing query (8517)
  8. You are able to simply put a space for the reason for an update (9546)
  9. Date and time boxes do not change in an Journal Activity when you switch between records using the Next and Previous buttons (9562)
  10. Priority changes are not being refreshed on other windows and machines. (9564)
  11. Control should not be displaying the area code for phone numbers that are not completely filled in (9543)

Current CHAPI Release


Current Production Terminal Release


These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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