Speed, Speed, and more Speed!!

We have made some major improvements in the area of Speed with this release. Below outlines some of those changes without going into too much technical detail.

Changes under the hood:

  • SQL Data Retrieval
  • SQL Data Writing
  • Dirty State Tracking
  • Caching

Approximate speed improvements in different areas of the program are defined below:

Starting Control - 85%

Loading 50 orders in Explorer - 75% faster

Opening an existing order - 65% faster

Editing and saving an order with 100 line items - 80% faster

Caution: what's only a bit faster:

  • Creating a large order - sorry, only 20% faster.
  • Converting an estimate - sorry, only 20% faster.

Most other areas of the program - 40-90% faster!


A modification was made to simplify the Explorer Toolbar and reposition some of the actions.

A summary line was added to Control (optionally) that will provide aggregate totals for the numeric columns.

Read more here - http://control.cyriouswiki.com/Explorer+Totals+Bar+and+Enhancements

Orders & Estimates

  1. Add User option to automatically show child line items in expanded state when opening Orders (9744)
    • To get to this - Right click in the Items tab and choose Options > “Show child line items by default”

Company & Contacts

  1. Users are able to add a contact to the Walk-In company from the Order Entry / Company Tab. (9754)
  2. Able to add a blank contact to a Company from the Company tab of an Order (9757)
  3. #284324 - Users are able to enter duplicate company contacts from the Order Entry / Company Tab (9755)


  1. #282824 - Accounts Receivable Dashboard Instrument does not calculate progressive billing based off of GL (9632)


  1. List index out of bounds when you try to sort by the Summary column on the Activities Explorer (9913)

Orders & Estimates

  1. Carrier field on Shipping tab of Orders is being incorrectly set by the Ship To company information (9843)

Payment Entry

  1. #282206 - Unable to save without an ID while posting payments (9807)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. A/V when switching to a Quick Products list that has nothing defined (9743)
  2. Not upgraded to Delphi 2012 error when adding the DesignerCalendarManager object to a pricing form (5263)
  3. Product with multiple pricing plans not loading default pricing forms (9605)

Purchase Orders

  1. #284527 - Default warehouse is not being selected properly on Purchase Orders (9770)


  1. Account Register is printing in Portrait mode instead of Landscape
  2. Reports are not being translated properly (9853)
  3. Turned off Line Item Page Breaks default option for Standard Work Order
  4. Balance Sheet (Divisions) isn't adding the Liabilities + Equity up correctly (9882)


  1. Part Description in the Adjust Part Information area is not able to be edited (9689)
  2. Assessing Finance Charges on Hundreds of Orders leads to program not responding (9760)

Current CHAPI Release


Current Production Terminal Release


These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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