Company & Contacts

  1. Add a Store.PrimaryPhone Merge Field (10066)
    • This is the Phone number field defined in System Setup for your company


  1. Enable fields to allow copy/paste when you click twice on its entry for Explorers (10080)


  1. Add a Company specific Shipping Address area to the Companies template (10238)


  1. Improve Explorer Query Writing Skills (9809)


  1. New Payment macros not firing (10157)

Orders & Estimates

  1. Changing Order Due Dates does not Update Line Item / Shipping Due Dates (10128)
  2. Overridden Actual Cost without Actual Qty posts to entries into the Ledger (10140)
    • No longer able to change Actual Cost until some Actual Usage is defined
  3. #287498 - Right clicking on a line item produces access violation and then the context menu is missing Line Item Options (10173)

Production Terminal

  1. Enabled user login count is not recognizing newly disabled users (10098)
  2. #287925 - Cannot post part usage from Production Terminal in 5.6 (10108)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. Requested, Approved, and Ordered By entries for Purchase Orders are overwritten by currently logged in user if manually changed (10036)
  2. #284527 - Default warehouse is not being selected properly on Purchase Orders (9770)
  3. Item Name search for Purchase Orders not auto filling when name of part is typed (10111)


  1. Invoice report has significant delays when printing (9832)
  2. #288240 - Bill of Materials report is alphabetically organizing the Line Item numbers
  3. #288215 - Cost Analysis by Order does not total material or equipment (10163)


  1. #287665 - Shipping Tab Quantity Left field not calculating correctly when quantity on line item is changed (10097)


  1. LogMeIn installer tries to replace itself during an update which attempts to shut down your active support connection (10070)
  2. New Parts, Variables, etc are disappearing on initial save due to refresh issue (10100)
  3. Ticket Type not saving on Service Ticket edit (10158)
  4. Selection list not filling (10169)
  5. #288331 - User receives a External Exception E06D7363 error when saving a particular estimate as a XLS file. (10174)
  6. Line Item list in Bills is not displaying the product name until you select the line item (10177)
  7. #288813 - Partial user licences not being recognized correctly by Chapi (10248)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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