1. #272767 - Specific Activity Manager views will have the tab be labeled with that name instead of “Activity Manager” (8780)
  2. Activity Manager button needs to always load the My Calendar View (10290)
  1. #288488 - Reset button that was removed from all explorers doesn't function the same as the remaining button (10175)
    • Added Reset Search Criteria to the Options menu in Explorers to reset search criteria to Saved values instead of defaults.
  1. Add named day of the week next to the date on Schedule tab of Orders (10162)
  1. Enable editing of Part Description from the Adjust Part Information screen (9689)
  1. Added ability for Partial User to access Marketing Dashboard Instruments (10302)
  2. Added ability for Partial User to print reports from the print menu of orders and estimates (10303)
  1. Locking GL and then saving a Bill to that period creates inaccurate financial information (10178)
    • Bills tied to the Direct Cost from Bills account are no longer able to be backdated into a locked period.
  1. #288224 - Employee Phone Numbers are linked incorrectly (10148)
  1. Unable to assign Partial User login permissions to more accounts than have been purchased. (10324)
  1. #290525 - Changes to explorer formulas taking Distinct out cause duplicates to show up (10287)
  2. Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Double) when pulling Sum of Totals in Explorer (10299)
  3. Variables and UDFs are not supported in the totals bar for things other than count (10300)
  4. #290495 - The advanced query searching for a checkbox after update gives conversion error (10304)
    • This will require offending queries to be rebuilt in order for Control to handle them properly.
  1. #288628 - Order Change Station Macro Action is not being triggered properly (10230)
  1. #290415 - Not being prompted to backdate moving orders to Sale if order was created before last update (10279)
  2. #288353 - Locks are not affecting child line items properly (10170)
  3. #287617 - Not able to back-date Credit Memos (10094)
  1. Multi Qty Grid is not taking child line items into account when calculating values (10260)
    • Added an option in Product Setup on the Multi Quantity Grid tab to allow calculating of child items
  1. #253632 - Users unable to clock onto certain parts (7397 - rework)
  2. Fixed issue where users received an incorrect error about how many users they had enabled for PT
  1. #290394 - Access Violation when clicking Copy From Order/Estimate on Purchase Orders (10281)
  2. Locking GL and then saving a Bill to that period creates inaccurate financial information (10178)
  1. #287788 - Statements report is printing for companies that do not have any activity within the reports date range (10168)
  1. Enable tracking in Advanced Security Setup not displaying correctly (10328)
  1. #287480 - DateTime UDFs don't have time selection (10071)
  1. Add note to Check Lookup Tax By Zip Code option which directs users to Accounting Setup (10269)
  2. Visual issue in Address Options and Document Management (10059)
  3. Typo on Company tab of Company record when Avalara is disabled (10270)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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