1. Removed the “Can give cash back in change” option in Payment Methods (10374)

Activity Manager

  1. #290671 - Add Priority as one of the column options for Activity List view in Activity Manager (10309)

Orders & Estimates

  1. #290641 - Add option to automatically remove shipping info upon clone of transaction (10313)
    • Located in System Setup > Orders, Estimates, and Service Tickets and is labeled “When cloned, automatically remove all Shipping information.”


  1. Added option to Packing Slip to hide Estimate / Invoice Notes


  1. Added ability for partial user licenses to access the purchase order explorer and its dashboard instrument.
  2. Set partial user security right to active for printing reports


  1. Create a SubtotalPriceIsOverridden function in CFL (10442)

Access Violations

  1. #291913 - Changing Line Item Product causes Access Violation (10416)


  1. SSLIP in Startup causes SQL and Chapi Services to not start automatically (10351)


  1. #291727 - The Sales Division can still be changed even though the setting disallowing that is enabled (10394)


  1. #253377 - Misc Receipts are not requiring an Account to be selected upon Save (10342)


  1. #292226 - Scheduled macros are not executing - Could not load record (10431)

Orders & Estimates

  1. #290798 - % Complete in Progressive Billing not being Saved for line items that do not contain parts (10341)
  2. #284744 - Getting an incorrect notification that company is exceeding credit limit (9821)
  3. #290793 - Unable to delete a line item that says its attached to a Bill (10329)
  4. #291404 - Index out of Bounds error when converting Estimate to Order (10381)
  5. #292184 - Can not save without control when saving Estimates / Orders (10430)
  6. #292470 - Upon editing orders created before upgrading to Control 5.6, all list based modifiers go blank (10463)
  7. Promotion button doesn't remove $ based Promotion product line items when clicked (10405)

Part Usage

  1. Usage Card is not being reversed correctly when a Bill's Order association is changed (10335)

Payment Entry

  1. #290648 - Using Income Accounts with Payment Methods causes OOB when Order is Closed (10301)


  1. #291586 - YTD / Pay History button causes IsVoided error for Payroll Information in Employee Setup (10363)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Renaming a Part does not update the ItemName in the Inventory table (10343)
  2. #291866 - Tabbing not working correctly within Textiles product (10411)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. Text disappears from Notes field on Purchase Orders when your cursor goes over the field (10112)


  1. Selection lists in Adjust Part Information area need to auto expand to longest entry (10298)
  2. #290895 - Password reset code is not working (10340)
  3. GetPartProperty(Variable,“LastModifiedDate”) gives an evaluation error that the custom method could not be evaluated. (10350)
  4. Modifier boxes are defaulted into a blue (greyed out) state (10389)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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