Orders & Estimates

  1. Added options for Locks in This Line Item (including Children) (10434)
  2. Allow the user to specify the same salesperson multiple times on an estimate or order. (10702)


  1. Added two options to the Special Payroll's Process Payroll screen
    • This is a check for a regular pay period.
      • When this is selected the tax calculations should use the pay frequency defined on the employee record to determine how much taxes/deductions, etc. should be taken out on the paycheck.
    • This is supplemental or bonus pay
      • When this is selected it completely blanks out all taxes, deductions, etc. The end-user should manually enter these figures.
      • This puts the responsibility on the employer to do the proper calculations for whatever type of additional pay they are giving the employee.

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Implement Translation on Pricing Forms (9925)
  2. Added “Set” to system Unit types available for Parts

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. #291018 - Add ability to set a Default Vendor for Parts and add a Column to the Select Parts Window (10417)

User Defined Fields

  1. Force UDF Formula calculation when using the Edit UDFs option to mirror a normal Edit of the entire transaction (10118)


  1. Visual modifications to the Work Order Activity Screen (10396)
  2. Menus will no longer remain visible if they do not contain sub-menus (10667)

Access Violations

  1. #291343 - A/V when using Paste from Clipboard (10366)
  2. #291126 - Access Violation on Canceling clone of Estimate variation (10344)
  3. #296743 - Access Violation caused by Division column in Activities tab of Company record (10701)

Activity Manager

  1. #291886 - Monthly Recurring Activities are not being created and set to Inactive (10414)
  2. #295137 - Work assignments are not rolling over correctly (10686)


  1. Contact Explorer dashboard instrument doesn't filter on Company when its a Sub Explorer (10076)


  1. Total bar for currency values is fixed to $ symbol (10547)
  2. #291299 - Columns in order explorer do not save after reopening it multiple times (10359)
  3. The multi-part identifier “T05.ID” could not be bound error using advanced query (10642)
  4. Duplicate rows appearing in Company Advanced Explorer Queries
    • Note: You will need to recreate any queries that are still showing duplicates after update.
  5. #295552 - Save Query As box pops up behind Independent form and is not able to be selected (10696)


  1. #294856 - Removing Inventory from being tracked is not actually making removing entries (10645)


  1. Line Item Macros not being triggered by changes made in Production Terminal (10631)
  2. #285806 - Start Date selected on the initial screen does not carry over to “Macro Recurrence Schedule” screen (10040)

Orders & Estimates

  1. The thumbnail is different than the image file it was loaded from message when using mapped drives (10439)
  2. Updated values not being recognized when you clone a line item that was just changed (10513)
  3. #293998 - Closing an order which has a credit memo creates an out of balance (10603)
  4. #291797 - Unable to delete Modifier information from Pricing Form in Line Items (10403)
  5. ValidateForDelete doesn't check child line Items to check if they can be deleted or not (10586)
  6. #288473 - Line item Due Dates not being carried over when Estimate is converted even with option checked (10681)
    • Option being referenced is in Production > Production Setup > General Options

Payment Entry

  1. Change Due Back still functional within program even though removed from system (10743)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Estimated usage for a part using Units of “per 10” is showing number incorrectly (10523)
  2. Newly created Parts disappear from the list (10644)
  3. Error when canceling a newly cloned product if on the variables tab (10648)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. #291342 - Initial Status on Save is not working for Purchase Orders (9515)
  2. 297128 - Purchase Order edits Order and removes WIP and Orders Due (10733)


  1. Unable to use Copy To function in Reporting Setup (10649)


  1. SSLIP errors caused by postal code lookup failures (10331)

User Defined Fields

  1. #288874 - UDF field generates an “X” when selected, but when clicking the X is does not remove the selection (10257)


  1. Remove the Elavon logo from the Credit card Options page (10432)
  2. Force creation of product layout bitmap when it is not present on a line item. (10605)
  3. #292363 - Journal entries to an account with the same name as an account group is made incorrectly (10468)
  4. Message for parts being unable to be deleted needs to be altered (10449)
  5. #291439 - Removing Order number from Time Card instrument not working (10376)
  6. Errors in Postal Code Tax Table when tabbing out of a blank field (10272)
  7. Adjustments to Partial User rights in regard to Estimates and Orders (10669)
  8. #293621 - Control clients locking up on Adjust Part Inventory & Cost screen when edits to Orders are made (10728)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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