1. Chapi will now clear out the ChapiPubSubMessages table in SQL automatically in order to keep the database size smaller.


  1. Disable Load All / Load More when all Explorer Records are Loaded (10799)


  1. Adjusted visibility of certain reports based on the usage of the modules they are applicable to.
    • Example: Accounting reports will not show for people who don't have the Accounting module


  1. Expand Long Wait Time logging in the SSLIP (10791)
  2. #299311 - Added Actual Usage columns will no longer disappear when a specific line item is selected (10891)

Access Violations

  1. AV when you use Run Query in Line item or Employee macros (10780)

Company & Contacts

  1. #298017 - Taxes are recalculated when merging companies with different tax classes. (10824)
  2. Division logos are incorrectly tied to each other and are replaced on change (10853)


  1. Merge fields placed in body of email going to previous field you were in (10815)


  1. Need to auto expand selection list in Advanced Criteria area of Explorers (10593)
  2. #287607 - Not able to sort columns on Shipment Explorer when not viewing all records. (10074)
  3. Explorer no longer passing information from one explorer to another (10803)
  4. Explorers are loading All records if you try to search for a specific number on initial load of the screen (10903)


  1. Editing a Part prompts Inventory Values have changed message (10460)


  1. #297560 - Line Item advanced queries not showing up in list in Macro Setup (10781)

Orders & Estimates

  1. Long Edit times caused by issues with RecalculateUserFields (10784)

Payment Entry

  1. 298603 - Back-Date for payments are not working correctly with the date selected (10880)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Renaming reserved variable names message shows up when you rename variables twice without restart.
  2. #297117 - Select Item Quick Products list on Orders does not match order in Product Setup (10822)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. Part attached to previous PO shows up on Save even though you get a warning if you try to select it (10732)
  2. #295505 - Cloning a Bill that is linked to a part on a closed order and paying it crashes Control (10688)
  3. #298376 - Can Void Bill Payment Multiple times


  1. #296747 - AllAccountStatement01 Due By column dates overlapping Invoice Date
  2. #297594 - Standard Invoice only displays child discount if parent also has a discount


  1. Unable to save without an ID error when you change Security rights too quickly (10782)


  1. #297504 - Previously selected contact is able to be used on a shipment for unrelated Companies (10789)

User Defined Fields

  1. Attempt to set the value for a UDF not found in Table TransHeaderUserField (10886)
  2. 300033 - UDFs lose data if it is entered by a macro (10915)


  1. #296096 - Argument out of range error keeps happening due to recurring activities (10703)
  2. Refactor cache saving slightly to prevent errors when reading. (10818)
  3. The Order Export Report should export all discount tables (10793)
  4. New button still appears on top toolbar for Partial Users (10755)
  5. HomeGate installer doesn't uninstall prev version on upgrade (10480)
  6. Deleting Deposit from Account Rec screen doesn't put entry back into Make Deposit screen (10599)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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