1. Created ACH Payment Type (10858)
  1. Add ability to refresh multiple records at one time using Chapi's refresh monitor (11228)
  2. Change Chapi logging to have hourly names, just log the ActionLog (10800)
  3. Fresh installs of Chapi will now use the Local System account instead of a separate Chapi user (10989)
  1. Ability to save custom filters for UDFs and Variables on Dashboard / Explorer Instruments (10802)
  1. Added Parent Company Addresses as an Other Address Choice within Estimate and Order Entry (10823)
  2. Changing a Station of a Closed Order will no longer change the Status (11204)
  1. Add Default Station column to the Adjust Part Information screen (10801)
  1. #291886 - Monthly Recurring Activities are not being created and set to Inactive (10414)
  2. Recurring Activities are adding Day and Time instead of just day when being created (11201)
  3. Recurring Activities tied to Macros are not being removed from the calendar when RA deleted (11074)
  1. #300540 - Improve the error message “See the inner exception for details” (11030)
  2. Refresh Monitor is not being restarted when a database is changed or when SSLIP is restarted (11242)
  1. RowIndex out of range on Filtered Explorers (11238)
  1. #298338 - Amounts of Misc Receipts going into Undeposited state when Journals change accounts (10972)
  1. Estimated Cost is being zeroed out on Clone of an Estimate Variation (10937)
  2. #300366 - Estimate Variations don't recalculate pricing (10969)

Payment Entry

  1. Make Payment method buttons the same in quick payment screen as they are in regular payments (10643)
  1. Payroll sick time taken is not calculated correctly (10928)
  1. Production Terminal disabled message still shows when Production terminal is no longer authorized (11075)
  1. Query timeout expired when executing SQL query within Control. (11216)
  2. #301134 - Control freezes for several seconds system wide when a specific macro fires (11218)
  3. #301132 - System will lock up anytime the Ctrl key is pressed (customer specific) (11210)
  4. PDFs are not being saved with the default Printer paper settings (8012)
  5. Can not save an order with Emojis in the text (11268)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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