We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • (The case number used by the Development Team)

Example: #310937 - Add a Select All ability to the Payment Entry screen (11669)

  1. #301493 - Column changes are now saved automatically in the Account Register screen (11250)
  1. #304307 - Deactivating an employee that is set as a contact or salesperson for companies will now prompt to change (11429)
  1. Enabled multiple macro actions to be able to run on the server (11458)
  1. Quick Products - Add text about proper image size to screen. (8063)
  1. #301563 - Can no longer reopen a Purchase Order that has all of its line items accounted for in Bills (11351)
  2. Add a Select All button to the Select Parts to Add modal used with POs (10435)
  1. #304199 - Create index for Balance Sheet Report. (11440)
  2. #304200 - Create index for Account Register Report. (11441)
  3. Add the DOCX extension to the file type filter when you add a new Word report (11472)
  1. Allow editing of UDF's via the UDF Layout dashboard instrument (10860)
  1. Add a checkbox to the backup message to allow customers to not rebuild their indexes (11425)
  2. Add Order.SalesPerson and Order.Subtotal merge fields (11363)
  3. #305191 - Add Employee.Position to merge fields list (11422)
  4. #287520 - Add Vendor ID, Total Price, Entered By, Ordered By, and Ordered Date to Purchase Order merge fields (11420)
  5. #298715 - Add Received Date as one of the options for Purchase Orders in Advanced Queries (11196)
  6. System Setup - Warning about use of greater than 6 digit order numbers. (6844)
  7. #303590 - Remove Send Error Report from the Help menu in Control (11298)
  8. Add various “Explore … for Contact” to Quick Lookup tool (11478)
  9. Add various “Explore … for Company” to Quick Lookup tool (10639)
  10. Enable Ctrl + A in the TDesignerMemo control for pricing forms (10095)
  1. A/V when you remove item from a UDF layout and then try to Edit the Order (9745)
  1. Argument Out of range error when you right click on the Calendar (11419)
  1. Indent being automatically placed at the front of email signatures (9825)
  1. #287604 - Shipment Explorer Order Status Filters not filtering results. (10072)
  2. VendorID and Vendor No. doesn't show correct information in Purchase Order Explorer (11437)
  3. Name shifts forward on refresh in Receiving Documents explorer (11485)
  4. Marketing criteria could not be found error when switching between explorers (11508)
  1. #285863 - The hot folder auto import feature is not triggering a New Company Macro (10039)
  1. Company / Parent Address options disappear once you select an address from the parent. (11398)
  2. #302086 - Paste from Clipboard function not working in Orders (11377)
  3. Orders with non-validated taxes are showing as validated which causes deposits to transfer to customer credit. (11436)
  4. Only similar data types can be compared message when initializing variable values (11495)

Payment Entry

  1. TransDetail records are being updated when posting payments - data specific (11248)
  1. #304178 - Description of part in parts tab is not holding a change after part usage posted (11369)
  2. Products Exclude from promotions label needs to be adjusted (11416)
  3. #306891 - Control locks up when adding parts on the pricing form for the Custom Fabricated Sign product (11464)
  1. #304618 - Manually adjusting total cost can generate a rounding issue in PO/RecDoc/Bill (11385)
  1. Automatically lock the screen in User Setup is not keeping selection (11426)
  1. #288879 - UDF dropdown locks user out of option to clear field (10258)
  1. Unable to view order details for any order that contains a shipment (11401)
  1. #306769 - Saying no to the second backup message is ignored and causes database errors. (11462)
  2. A/V when you try to use the Export to XML function from a Company/Vendor Explorer (10420)
  3. #304880 - Line item level merge fields not working (11408)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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