We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • (The case number used by the Development Team)

Example: #310937 - Add a Select All ability to the Payment Entry screen (11669)

  1. #308555 - Add the associated transaction number to the Calendar views activities (11636)
  1. #241755 - Add Shipping Notes to the Shipment Details Instrument (6734)
  1. Allow explorers to list derived products when filtering on base product (11778)
  2. Removed all the seconds from the time columns in all explorers (8055)
  1. Inactive Warehouses will no longer be shown in the Adjust Part Inventory & Cost Screen (11993)
  1. Allow sorting on Description field in Parts tab of transactions (11679)
  2. #313371 - New limit to when a Void can be applied to an Order via back dating (11928)
    • Order Void date now needs to be after the final entry associated with that Order in the GL
  1. #310937 - Add a Select All ability to the Payment Entry screen (11669)
  2. Allow Scheduled Payments to be created even if no credit card information is on file (11938)
  1. Add Accumulate Vacation time / Sick Pay even when using vacation / sick days in Payroll Setup (11799)
  1. Visual update to Production Terminal
  1. Smart Part Product Layout can now be split by batch (11697)
  2. #304952 - “Gross” to be added as a Unit in Parts Setup (11635)
  1. Added alphanumeric sort option to the UDF Setup area (5857)
  1. Recurring Activities will now be generated immediately and limited to 6 months worth at a time (10879)
  2. URLLabels clicked on Pricing Forms will now open in a browser window within Control after the Pricing Form is closed (11947)
  3. Changed Subsidiary of to use a blank instead of (none) (9173)
  4. Increase the height of the SQL area in multiple places of Control (8013)
  5. Add a CFL command - OpenBrowser() to open a web browser page (11956)
  6. Add the Request Support button to the main menu (11759)
    • This feature allows users to submit a ticket directly to Cyrious from within the program
  1. A/V when you attempt to change the product of a line item already on a transaction (11782)
  2. A/V when clicking a URL link on a pricing form in Pricing Setup (11965)
  3. A/V on OK or Cancel of pricing form when Order is in Edit mode (11966)
  1. Unable to Save message doesn't stop a payment from being voided when the GL is locked (11736)
  1. Some Variables not populating on Line Item Dashboard Instruments (11892)
  1. Email passwords for Gmail not accepting certain special characters due to encryption (11945)
  1. Description column not showing notes correctly until the field is highlighted (11957)
  2. Date fields sometimes showing 01/01/1900 instead of - when using non standard time format (11961)
  1. Unable to Void an Order because the system was not able to calculate taxes using AvaTax (11721)
  2. #312157 - Progressive Billing showing 100% in Control but is actually 90% in the database (11889)
  3. #313402 - Thumbnails are not saving to Line items properly (11925)
  4. #314439 - Formula Debugger lagging when you are using a large amount of information
    • This will now tokenize the formulas automatically after the user has stopped typing for 1 full second
  5. #314613 - A/V when using Export to Grid from the Parts tab of an Order (12003)
  1. Payments made with a previously stored credit card number showing an incorrect validation error due to encrypted characters (11789)
  1. Parts renamed message format needs to change so the OK button never gets pushed off the screen (11942)
  2. Evaluation Error: Only similar data types can be added when you Cancel out of a Pricing Form in Edit mode (11973)
  3. Control gets stuck in a loop if you attempt to add a product which has an assembly of a derived product (11960)
  4. #303887 - List Index Out of Bounds when modifying the column of a pricing table (11384)
  5. #307432 - Export as XML option for lookup tables not importing back correctly into a different database (11655)
  6. #311857 - Error when saving Quick Products (11886)
  1. #314666 - Production Terminal refreshes back to the first page of results after making a Save (11995)
  1. Inventory being added and removed on every Edit/Save made to a PO with multiple line items in Ordered Status (11744)
  2. Attempting to improperly set object to New when working with the payment area for Bills (11694)
  3. Bills not being brought out of Edit mode correctly when payment fails (11693)
  4. #313375 - Issues with cloning and deleting Notes line items on a Purchase Order (11891)
  1. #311950 - Description fields not showing up correctly on the Standard Work Order
  2. ReportViewer not reconnecting properly when using a remote connection (11940)
  3. #311174 - Email body on standard invoice no longer scrolls, to see full body one must use Show Expanded option (11687)
  4. #314493 - Merge fields used in File Name for Save area of reports cause A/V when you click Browse button (11999)
  5. #314511 - Invalid pointer when trying to open advanced printer settings after previewing a report (12000)
  6. #313376 - There is no application associated with the given filename extension error on Daily Close reports (11929)
  7. #312150 - Send to each recipient individually setting is not being saved properly in Reporting Setup (11888)
  8. #314232 - Closeout Reports using new closeout date as Start Date when previewing (11988)
  9. #313577 - Estimate report seems to take an extended amount of time to preview (11968)
  1. #314415 - User Security preventing removal of vendors from parts even though the right is set to allow (11998)
  1. Number UDF Type Columns on Company Explorer Instruments do not round properly (11946)
  1. Incorrect Unable to Save messages when you add or remove the Default Production Warehouse name (11692)
  2. General Ledger is locked message is duplicated (11737)
  3. Icons no longer showing in the main menu (11793)
  4. Pylon_Material variable is dropping it's overridden value (11788)
  5. Control and ControlCEFHost.exe are not always being closed right away when the program shuts down (11747)
  6. Reports To selection list in Employee Setup doesn't refresh until you restart Control (11944)
  7. CustomerGoodsItemWithBaseProducts fails to create on some databases (11990)
  8. #313569 - Credit Card Processing for transactions over $100k seem to be rounding amount sent to Capital Q (11967)
  9. #313710 - Errors when upgrading older datasets (11972)
  10. #313798 - Some forms opening behind others on Mac Cloud RemoteApp sessions (11997)



These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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