We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • (The case number used by the Development Team)

Example: #310937 - Add a Select All ability to the Payment Entry screen (11669)

  1. #333316 - Company UDFs not displaying correctly in explorers or dashboard instruments (12909)

Orders, Estimates, & Service Tickets

  1. Price change notification pops up for parent item, even when there's no price change (12908)
  1. Unable to use asterisk in the Part Search modal used with the Resell Parts feature (11427)

2.5.0 (05/19/16)

1.7.9 (06/24/2016)


These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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