We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • (The case number used by the Development Team)

Example: #310937 - Add a Select All ability to the Payment Entry screen (11669)

  1. Macros not executing correctly when multiple items are selected to be used from an explorer (13376)
  2. #340856 - Report SQL is not being executed properly when certain code is present (13377)
  3. Index out of bounds error when attempting to run indirect macro that uses a bad SQL statement (13386)
  1. Cloning Variations causes values on product layout to get zeroed out (13394)
  2. #342308 - Circular Loop Error when adding products to Estimates (13396)

3.6.55 (10/21/16)

1.3.46 (10/05/16)

1.7.11 (08/03/2016)


These changes are backwards compatible with the previous version of Control.

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