We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • (The case number used by the Development Team)

Example: #326510 - Add Shipping Method as a column to the PO Explorer column chooser (2948)


  1. Changes to the Pre Auth text to help users understand that Pre-Auth does not actually charge the card at that time (CCON-3216)
  2. Add links to open up Company and Order records from the Payments screen (CCON-3218)
  1. #352440 - Add the Price column to the Part Search screen used with Search By Part feature (CCON-3221)
  1. Add Pay Online option to standard Service Tickets (CCON-3186)
  1. #351280 - Extend the security right for Create Product to include Derived Products as well (CCON-3172)
  2. #352642 - Add the ability to Clone existing Security templates (CCON-3227)
  1. Adjust Closeout Time based on GL Activity (CCON-3178)


  1. Getting Failed Artwork move.. txt doc on conversion of estimate with no artwork groups (CCON-2754)
  2. Status is not changing right away and an error gets logged in ArtworkLog (CCON-3169)
  3. More than 10 line items on and Order causes ellipses to appear after all numbers in Artwork tab (CCON-3202)
  4. #352786 - 500 Internal Server Error when you mark Artwork Approved (CCON-3230)
  5. Artwork Groups that are left in a Pending Approval Status upon converting to an Order continue to send reminder emails (CCON-3263)
  1. #352405 - Extra blank lines are being added to emails in .8 MS Serif (CCON-3211)
  1. #351413 - Write-offs are posting to the incorrect Division (CCON-3226)
  2. #351842 - Taxes are being recalculated incorrectly (CCON-3291)
  1. #352713 - Stations assigned to Orders in Sale are droped on Status change to Closed (CCON-3258)
  2. #354820 - Taxes are being recalculated on Payments made to Orders in Sale (CCON-3347)
  1. #352236 - Payments are posting to the second instead of being truncated (CCON-3206)
  2. #352237 - Able to Void payments after an Order has already been Voided (CCON-3207)
  3. #352538 - Orders are not closing when fully paid off in WIP or Built Status (CCON-3213)
  4. #352837 - Order total reduces when the Order is paid off while in Sale Status (CCON-3259)
  5. #355031 - Links from Invoice give error page if there is a negative parent line item on the Order (CCON-3366)
  1. #346579 - Pricing form not updating prices when product changed from within form (CCON-3041)
  2. #349296 - Slowness on Finished Goods New product after updating (CCON-3173)
  3. #352638 - Selection List Image Properties are not linking to the Image Variable correctly (CCON-3225)
  4. #355410 - Edits and Cloning of Orders are changing values and dropping line items (CCON-3380)
  1. #326772 - User receives an error stating index out of bounds when saving New Quick Bill and Payment (CCON-2727)
  2. #354132 - Unable to select certain Catalog Items from the Item Name selection list (CCON-3290)
  3. Catalog Item issues with typing and duplicating line items (CCON-3292)
  1. #334373 - External exception error on Cost Analysis By Order report when more than one order is selected (CCON-2848)
  2. #339430 - Packing slip showing $0.00 in the price column when previewing the report after checking 'Show Prices' (CCON-2806)
  3. #348081 - Payments report is not showing certain payment types such as Donations (CCON-3070)
  4. #348287 - Purchase Order Listing By Order report showing items not attached to the Order (CCON-3080)
  5. #349727 - Prior Daily Close list is only showing this years closeouts (CCON-3151)
  6. #350999 - Purchase Orders not showing the correct Division's logo (CCON-3159)
  7. Income Statement is not showing individual divisions (CCON-3170)
  8. #352508 - End of file reached error when using Show Notes on the Pending Estimates by Primary Salesperson report (CCON-3212)
  9. All Accounts Statement has a visible label out of place and sort order issues (CCON-3288)
  1. #346160 - Error on Estimate conversion when shipment address is New Address (CCON-3025)
  1. Button in Variable shows as Value even when you have it set to Formula (CCON-2887)
  2. #340347 - Unable to save without ID - Required for Orders causes issues with Assembly contained products on Save (CCON-2793)
  3. #314116 - Deleted Stages are not being removed from the selection list correctly (CCON-2889)
  4. Work field is showing up blank when you close and open the ticket (CCON-3293)

3.9.23 (03/14/17)

1.3.46 (10/05/16)

1.7.12 (12/21/2016)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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