We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • (The case number used by the Development Team)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)

Example: (2948) - Add Shipping Method as a column to the PO Explorer column chooser - #326510

There was a new Control Client Launcher released on 8/28/2017 that includes some necessary files for certain Crystal Reports to function properly. Please ensure that your Client instances are also up to date when you update to this version of Control.

**[[http://private.cyrioussoftware.com/support/downloader.aspx?file=download_1753|Control Client Launcher Download]]**

**Note:** You will need to log into your account first when you click on this link, and then the download should automatically start.

If it does not automatically begin for any reason, please navigate to the Tech Support > Downloads page to manually download the file.

  • CCON-4094 - CFL - CMD CFL function not working with 3rd parameter.
  • CCON-4056 - Dashboards - Sub explorer instruments are being refreshed to different record than what you have selected
  • CCON-4099 - Orders - Could not convert variant type (UnicodeString) into type (Boolean) error on Parts tab of Orders with Assembly child products
  • CCON-4091 - Purchase Orders - Able to change the Status of line items on a Closed Purchase Order - #371200
  • CCON-4096 - Reports - Control crashes when trying to preview the AR Summary or when accessing Options Tab in setup - #371654
  • CCON-4101 - Misc - Error creating two PrCA stored procedures during update

3.10.17 (09/05/17)

1.3.48 (06/12/16)

1.7.12 (12/21/2016)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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