We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • [The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only]
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


  • CCON-3812 - Reports - Add option to not show child header on Standard Estimate, Invoice, and Work Orders - #365709
  • CCON-4102 - Artwork - Add merge fields for Artwork URLs to the system
  • CCON-3957 - PrCA - Add document management endpoint for service tickets
  • CCON-4004 - PrCA - Check whether the user has permission to “Login to Production CloudApp(PrCA)” in Employee Setup before allowing them to log in to PrCA
  • CCON-4185 - PrCA - Add ability to search PrCA by Line Item number
  • CCON-4186 - PrCA - Remove ability to change Due Dates on the Job level from Job board and Actions list of actual Job. Removed due to effect it had on Shipping Due Dates.
  • CCON-4237 - PrCA - Add ability to filter Job Boards by Division - #376582
  • CCON-4242 - PrCA - Hide All Stations from Boards selection on mobile devices. Removed due to memory issues on mobile devices.
  • CCON-4306 - PrCA - Hide the Division filter on Job Boards if a company isn't using divisions, or only has one active
  • CCON-4305 - Reports - Make the Merge Fields that are available to a Crystal Report also available to a SQL report
  • CCON-4300 - Security - Add right to prevent users from being able to change the Job Grouping level of Orders and Line Items - #377797

Note: A majority of updates and fixes to our Cloud Apps will require the newest Control files. There may be new items and features that show up on the web, but they will not always function correctly if you are not using the latest files. PrCA = Production Cloud App

  • CCON-4236 - Access Violation - Access Violation when opening the PR-CA dashboard - #376681
  • CCON-4211 - Dashboards - Line Item Explorers do not retain Variable or Variable Value settings when saved - #375061
  • CCON-4254 - Dashboards - “Update” button at the bottom of line item explorer not functioning - #377109
  • CCON-4285 - Dashboards - Dashboard became corrupted after making an edit in the 10/31 release - #377609
  • CCON-4224 - Dashboards - Changing to certain stations on some dashboards causes AVs or does nothing - #375228
  • CCON-4216 - Email - When there's a signature assigned, emails from macros that are run on server do not contain a body - #377001
  • CCON-4151 - Estimates - Line item list on Parts tab of Estimates with more than 6 line items is blank - #372564
  • CCON-4219 - Explorers - The multi-part identifier T02.ClassTypeID could not be bound error on explorer instruments set to be a sub explorer of themselves - #375228
  • CCON-4286 - Explorers - Column Chooser disappears on first load in Order Explorer when you start up the program
  • CCON-4209 - Macros - Marking an Line Item as Complete doesn't cause an Order Edit which would trigger macros - #374898
  • CCON-4238 - Orders - Estimate / Invoice Notes section is smaller than it should be
  • CCON-4303 - Orders - Add the Job Number column to the Production tab for all transaction types - #377435
  • CCON-4278 - Orders - Whitespace is not allowed at this location error when viewing the Parts tab or Creating Part Usage Cards - #377002
  • CCON-4262 - Orders - Children of Assembly container products are always being added to the first line item
  • CCON-4273 - Orders - Order Contact field changed on edit when contact is from parent company - #377308
  • CCON-4270 - PAPI - Station changes do not occur from the Payments screens - #377173
  • CCON-4140 - Parts - Other Labor part generated on different line item than what you clocked into - #372204
  • CCON-4061 - Payments - Country Code shows up in Online Payments even when turned off in Accounting Setup
  • CCON-4310 - Payments - GLGroupIDs of same value are being associated with multiple activities
  • CCON-4240 - PrCA - Time clock displaying negative values
  • CCON-3859 - PrCA - Require Timeclock Station user option being returned is always “NO” when Payroll enabled
  • CCON-4218 - PrCA - Can't access picture button on Safari mobile in portrait mode
  • CCON-4215 - PrCA - Make Add Part Usage SQL work for Inventory
  • CCON-4217 - PrCA - Camera is not on by default when you go to take a picture
  • CCON-4252 - PrCA - Attempting to view pictures immediately after uploading them doesn't work
  • CCON-4288 - PrCA - Labor Usage entered in Control is not being displayed correctly in PrCA
  • CCON-4292 - PrCA - Some Usage Cards from PrCA disappear from Order Edit in Control
  • CCON-4256 - PrCA - Choosing to Block your location while clocking in causes Could not clock undefined error - #377097
  • CCON-4266 - PrCA - Able to click more than once when entering line item notes which causes duplicate entries
  • CCON-4267 - PrCA - Notes fields are not being cleared out automatically when you try to add notes multiple times
  • CCON-4282 - PrCA - Adding notes in PrCA does not cause an Order Edit to occur in Control
  • CCON-4274 - PrCA - Editing an Order in Control will clear out the Line Item notes entered in PrCA - #377309
  • CCON-4287 - PrCA - Display Units are not being used for Parts in the Production App
  • CCON-4281 - PrCA - Line item notes in PrCA do not show up anywhere in Control
  • CCON-4297 - PrCA - Jobs marked as high priority that get moved on the job board disappear until reload of the page
  • CCON-4298 - PrCA - Job Cards on the Job Board Due Date is not being updated when the Jobs line item or Order due date is changed
  • CCON-4201 - Pricing Form - Scroll bar for larger pricing forms is not scrolling all the way to top or bottom
  • CCON-4241 - Pricing - SetTransactionUDF CFL isn't working correctly when used on Variables - #376658
  • CCON-4068 - Production - Reset All Orders button in Production Setup > Job Grouping doesn't seem to do anything.
  • CCON-4106 - Purchase Orders - Field search for Catalog Parts isn't jumping to the correct part - #371766
  • CCON-4311 - Stations - Line item Station changes from child products are changing their parents and Order level Stations automatically
  • CCON-4312 - Stations - Order Level Stations are not always getting the refresh message to change until something else forces it to occur
  • CCON-4235 - Misc - Error opening table - arithmetic overflow - #376670
  • CCON-4295 - Misc - Activity windows and dashboards that are floated do not go behind Control correctly when the program is clicked - #377836
  • CCON-4290 - Misc - Change Default behavior for Assemblies in the background Recompute to not lock assembly so child products are created

3.10.24 (11/17/17)

1.3.52 (11/15/17)

1.7.14 (11/03/2017) (08/22/2017)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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