We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • [The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only]
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


  • CCON-3812 - Reports - Add option to not show child header on Standard Estimate, Invoice, and Work Orders - #365709
  • CCON-3811 - Purchase Orders - Add Unit and Unit Cost columns to screen where you pick which Vendor you want to use for a part - #364042
  • CCON-4127 - Misc - Add ability to use the mouse wheel to scroll the Options areas of Reports - #372007
  • CCON-4208 - Orders - Add the Assigned To column to the Production tab of Orders/Estimates/Service Tickets
  • CCON-4210 - Macros - Add Line Item Marked Complete as a macro trigger Change Event
  • CCON-4220 - Explorers - Add ability to color code past due Estimates like you can with Orders on explorers - #375217
  • CCON-4243 - Misc - Add ability to set and save the screen size for UDF Layout modal - #376741
  • CCON-4464 - Misc - Change Selection List columns in Pricing Setup to allow multi-row values entered to be seen on one line - #383179
  • CCON-4558 - Artwork - Add ability to remove an Artwork Group that is In Design - #393151
  • CCON-4560 - Misc - Add additional info about Licenses to the Help > About Control screen - #393315
  • CCON-4563 - PrCA - Replace the Clock On Break button in PrCA when you are already clocked into a non-paid Station with the Resume Last Job button - #393489
  • CCON-4613 - Misc - Add the ability to Create Part Usage From Time Clock Entries by selecting a specific order instead of a Date Range - #397942
  • CCON-4614 - Parts - Add ability to mark Parts for specific Vendors Inactive if they are no longer needed - #398415
  • CCON-4617 - Orders - Have a message be displayed to users when an Order with Inactive Parts is cloned - #395348
  • CCON-4628 - Misc - Change the description when a vendor credit is attached to a bill - #396102
  • CCON-4630 - Purchase Orders - Add Default Payment Method field to Vendor tab of Company - #398949
  • CCON-4704 - Misc - Create a new merge field Contact.MobileNumber.RawNumber - #403332
  • CCON-4714 - Misc - Add SQL Server Database Size and SSLIP Hard Drive Free Space to list of information pulled into Chapi MetaData
  • CCON-4729 - Orders - Add ability to save product section resize automatically for Orders on a per-user basis - #405931
  • CCON-4745 - Accounting - Change Interest Earned field to always show in Account Reconciliation screen
  • CCON-4757 - Misc - Add Info pop up for clarity to the System Setup option labeled Show Advanced Item Controls
  • CCON-4761 - Dashboards - Add F11 function to dashboards that contain a Quick Lookup instrument for quick data entry
  • CCON-4767 - Orders - Add Part Inactive to the end of any Part name currently existing on any transactions if the Part is no longer active - #407595
  • CCON-4776 - Explorers - Change Transaction Ref Number text to read PO Ref Number in the Activities Explorer for better clarity of the fields purpose
  • CCON-4777 - Explorers - Add a Tracking Number field to the Activities Explorer to display the tracking number entered for various payment types

Note: A majority of updates and fixes to our Cloud Apps will require the newest Control files. There may be new items and features that show up on the web, but they will not always function correctly if you are not using the latest files. PrCA = Production Cloud App

  • CCON-4088 - Misc - Export destination will not update if you do not include the file extension - #371190
  • CCON-4200 - Misc - Theme issue with pop-ups from the Advanced tab of Products
  • CCON-4275 - Pricing - Pricing form at full screen being disconnected from the main window is made into a small window that cant be resized - #377329
  • CCON-4279 - Parts - Changing the default value of a Variable for Parts causes an incorrect message on Order Edit - #377431
  • CCON-4307 - Misc - Need a vertical scrollbar in Document Manager settings so lower half can be seen on smaller resolutions - #378315
  • CCON-4375 - Access Violation - AV when viewing the Assembly tab of a Product after right-clicking on an Assembly item and choosing Open on a different Product
  • CCON-4378 - Payments - The Setting to require Check Numbers when posting payments via Check does not work - #380151
  • CCON-4391 - CCPS - Online Payments are not triggering the automatic closing of Orders in Control - #382213
  • CCON-4502 - Access Violation - AV when logging in or accessing instrument or dashboard with quick products - #386136
  • CCON-4505 - Misc - Merge fields not working properly when used on reports in the main menu - #386368
  • CCON-4517 - Explorers - The cursor jumps to the beginning of the field when typing - #388401
  • CCON-4564 - Misc - Pricing form set to display at full screen is offset the second time you add it to an Order
  • CCON-4627 - Email - Using Include in Body email option causing future emails to send text incorrectly formatted - #396084
  • CCON-4641 - Financial - Customer Credits are being applied erroneously to orders automatically - #397930
  • CCON-4662 - Artwork - Deleting a company with Artwork Decisions on an order causes a foreign key error - #398606
  • CCON-4684 - Orders - Unable to add parts to child line items via Add button on Parts tab of Orders - #400582
  • CCON-4687 - Misc - Not able to query an individual user in Chapiddler - #400804
  • CCON-4727 - PrCA - The auto inserted Lunch entry is not getting added in some cases - #405326
  • CCON-4728 - Dashboards - Final checkbox on line item explorer dashboard instrument is not unchecking properly - #405935 - #407115
  • CCON-4741 - Payments - Update Token Expiration Date button is updating records incorrectly
  • CCON-4742 - Access Violation - AV when clocking into Line Item Jobs via right-clicking in either Orders or from the Explorer
  • CCON-4744 - Misc - Partial users are getting a message that they are not able to change Stations for Orders or Line Items - #405434
  • CCON-4748 - Dashboards - When you lock a dashboard and then unlock it, you lose the “Save” button at the top right - #407321
  • CCON-4751 - Purchase Orders - Line Item column numbers are in incorrect order when on the Select Parts to Add screen - #403183
  • CCON-4752 - Misc - Users not able to edit Package Sizes on existing Carriers in Shipping Methods / Carriers screen or set them inactive - #403291
  • CCON-4753 - Purchase Orders - When copying an Order/Estimate to a Purchase Order, the user is unable to manually select Item Type checkboxes - #403353
  • CCON-4758 - Shipping - Shipment is reverting from 3rd Party back to Customer when the Order's company to a different company - #405150
  • CCON-4760 - Explorers - When you “Reset Grid and Screen Layout” on an explorer window, the sub-explorer window becomes inaccessible - #405254
  • CCON-4763 - Accounting - Voids and Total Due reductions are causing Out of Balances and appear as Refund Journal entries
  • CCON-4764 - Accounting - Refund entry and additional GL entries are being created when an Orders Total is reduced
  • CCON-4766 - Orders - Unable to add Parts manually to an Order via the main Parts tab
  • CCON-4768 - Misc - Due Date Time field inaccessible without clicking away from Date field - #405403
  • CCON-4770 - HomeGate - HomeGate Service not starting up properly on Windows reboot - #405836
  • CCON-4771 - Misc - Option to show/hide a modifier in the grid for Order/Estimate entry is not working
  • CCON-4786 - User Defined Fields - Account UDFs being imported with a value of 0 when UDFs have spaces - #407194
  • CCON-4787 - Misc - System hangs when attempting to use the shortcut link to pull up a Receiving Document from the Activities tab of a Part - #408014
  • CCON-4789 - Macros - Macros that are set to Run on the server in the background are not working/triggering

3.10.44 (11/12/18)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.22 (11/08/2018) (02/05/2018)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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