We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • [The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only]
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


- Reports - Add option to not show child header on Standard Estimate, Invoice, and Work Orders - #365709

- Misc - Add Unit Price to criteria selection for Advanced Query Line Item options - #372446

- Misc - Add Support backdoor ability to allow Orders to be put back into Sale when older than 90 days - #409847

- Companies - Put Parts list on the Vendor tab of Vendor Companies into alphabetical order - #412150

- Explorers - Add a Shipping Address column to the Purchase Order, Bills, and Receiving Documents Explorers - #412502

- Orders - Add Totals column to the available columns you can show/hide on Orders - #412767

- Purchase Orders - Save filters for the Select Parts to Add window - #412853

- Orders - Automatically save the settings to show different part types located at the top of the Parts tab on Orders - 412960

- Dashboards - Allow Change Station and Change Status dashboard instruments to work with Estimates

- Explorers - Add the Run Status Change and Run Station Change Macro options to the Estimate Explorer

- Explorers - Add options for Company is a 1099 Vendor to the Advanced Criteria Selection (Company Criteria > General Criteria) section of Explorers - #414411

Note: A majority of updates and fixes to our Cloud Apps will require the newest Control files. There may be new items and features that show up on the web, but they will not always function correctly if you are not using the latest files. PrCA = Production Cloud App

- Orders - Orders using Progressive Billing and in the Status of WIP or Built have payments crediting Customer Deposits instead of A/R in the payment Journal Entry - #371212 - #393807

- CCPS - Online Payments are not triggering automatic closing of Orders in Control - #382213

- Payments - Online Payments do not trigger macros based on payments - #386449

- Purchase Orders - Line Item status reverts to none when partially receiving a Purchase Order via Receiving Document - #405751

- Payments - Online Payments that trigger macros not running in the background will trigger the actions multiple times

- Misc - Changes to Division logos are affecting multiple divisions - #411932

- Orders - Pricing forms are not coming up properly when using the Copy New Line Item function

- Estimates - Variation 1 on Estimates is not showing when cloned from an Order - #412105

- UDFs - Link type UDFs not showing in Advanced Criteria - #412446

- Pricing Forms - Pricing form moves to the center of the screen if you have moved it and entered data when clicking OK

- PrCA - Macros that are not set to run in the background don't trigger when changing Station

- Misc - Speed Issue with Estimate Conversion when using multiple Variations

- Explorers - Sorting not supported for this column when all items are not loaded message coming up incorrectly - #412708

- Macros - Order macro triggered by an indirect change to a line item change is not being triggered

- Security - Financial info still being shown in the explorers and Parts tab of Orders when security is set to deny

- Bills - Edits on Closed Bills is backing out the payments made to them

- Orders - Reducing the Order w/ deposit more than once results in an Out of Balance - #413118

- Shipping - FedEx Ship Manager requirements no longer being met by ShipperInfoForShipments View - #412620

- Misc - Theme issue when you view the Service Ticket explorer after using the Copy New Line Item button

- Payments - Payments made online are not setting the source type which causes the link to contact feature to not work - #414310

- Macros - Inactive Stations are available in selection lists for the Trigger section of Macros

- Misc - Update Report.Order.Invoice.Data stored procedure to allow 50 characters for the Detail.GoodsItemCode

- Reports - Comparative Balance not calculating YTD Net Income correctly for period - #414539

3.10.45 (01/03/19)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.22 (11/08/2018) (02/05/2018)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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